January 21, 2022

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AMD's new laptop chipset processor performance will rise to a minimum, indicating a leak

AMD’s new laptop chipset processor performance will rise to a minimum, indicating a leak

Next year’s AMD Rembrandt laptop processors will focus on graphics performance.

  • Unlike graphics, the processor architecture should only undergo cosmetic changes.
  • However, since we do not know the exact parameters of the chip or the shape of the tested device, the conclusions are very early.
  • The performance of laptops sold actually depends on many factors.
  • It depends on the type of application as well as the cooling of the computer itself.

AMD will have new Rembrandt processors Officially announced on January 4 During CES 2022, so leaks about its parameters and performance are gradually increasing. Benchleaks Twitter account warned For the alleged results of the next eight-core model, which Back in the Bapco database.

Among the biggest innovations for next year’s AMD chips for laptops that are more powerful, slim, and convertible than current Cezanne chips is the move from the 7nm process to an improved variant with EUV lithography, which Taiwan’s TSMC refers to as 6nm technology.

In addition, we can expect a significant intergenerational shift in graphics performance. New AMD chips aim to integrate RDNA 2 architecture graphics instead of the old Vega GPU previous leak We concluded that the graphics performance of Rembrandt chips could hypothetically more than double as a result.

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With minimal changes

However, this is only one piece in the puzzle. The latest information about the performance of the processor part, which will continue to rely on the current Zen architecture, with only some improvements. It is still informally referred to as Zen 3+ by the media. It is assumed that the maximum will again be 8 physical cores and 16 logical threads.

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Therefore, due to minor changes, a significant increase in performance cannot be expected, which is also documented by the currently published test results. The device with the model name M3402RA appeared in it, which probably belongs to the new generation of Asus VivoBook laptops.

In addition to Ryzen processors with integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) for laptops, AMD also offers powerful, independent Radeon graphics.

Zdroj: AMD

The tested device is equipped with an engineering sample of the chip marked 100-000000560-40_Y, which integrates 8 physical cores and 16 logical fibers. Asus VivoBook computers belong to the category of laptops, which combine energy-saving chips marked with the letter “U” with a TDP of up to 15W, as well as more powerful “full-fat” variants with a higher TDP. Wccftech.com server It is consideredThat in this case it can be an economical option.

Even less than expected?

The current generation equivalent of AMD’s low-voltage notebook processor is the Ryzen 7 5800U with a clock speed of 1.5 to 4.4 GHz. According to the results reported in the database, novelty scores approximately 4% better than her.

However, this number may not reflect the final performance. The question is whether the sample works in the same ways that the chips in the equipment were actually sold. Performance may also be affected by the BIOS version used or by computer cooling.

What is TDP?

TDP (Thermal Design Energy) is not a consumption, as is often incorrectly stated. In fact, it is a value that corresponds to the amount of waste heat that the coolant must dissipate. However, the power consumption and performance of current processors and graphics depend on the TDP limit, because the current chip temperature affects the dynamically changing core frequencies.

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Last but not least, it also depends on the standard or application used. At the moment, we still don’t know if AMD hasn’t incorporated any additional innovations into the Zen 3+ architecture that will make performance in certain processes more meaningful.

Rembrandt processors are expected to carry the Ryzen 6000 brand name, and the first laptops to integrate them could be presented at CES 2022.

Remember that AMD can prepare for laptops Even the most powerful of Raphael-H . chips, which will already be based on the Zen 4 processor architecture. The number of cores can rise to 16 in their case. However, even if the manufacturer has already marketed it, it is likely not until the second half of next year.

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