January 16, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Alter the sea for the Tatras, Zen.  Your Corona - Jitka Hasíková

Alter the sea for the Tatras, Zen. Your Corona – Jitka Hasíková





That’s how it happened. I bought a spray for bears and went to the mountains. Politicians said that Slovakia is doing well, it is the most beautiful and the best, so why the sea!

Spraying did not work on the large wooden bears that adorn the edges of the roads. I missed the live broadcast while I was waiting for the train in Starý Smokovec and the predator chose to look for something under the tooth in the basket. It seems that this time I wasted money unnecessarily, but no one will ever know what kind of monster they can still meet!

O mountains! I greet you with the forests of the mountain, from that spirit I greet you … I complained about the poet’s words and looked at the crowds stretching to these heights with the same thought that came to me. You haven’t tested it. You haven’t seen many people walking down the sidewalks and aisles, with or without backpacks, at fairgrounds. Really, the crowds. People were moving in crowds between souvenir stalls.

The largest sheep that represented Slovak products was the sheep made in China. A sheep with a pink flower in a parrot for girls and a sheep with blue pants for boys. Occasionally, wood-cut bow, rapkáč, hat – but Slovakia and a T-shirt with the inscription High Tatras. But do not choose and do not make your loved ones happy. A keepsake fetch is included. According to politicians, we still have to support Slovak entrepreneurs to pay higher taxes and levies on their earnings and we should all be in a better position. So go down, in a shed, one sheep for the girl and two sheep for the boys, so let him do the state treasury.

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Slovak sheep – Made in China (Source: www.tv.noviny.sk/ekonomika)

Although the Tatras were crowded, the restaurants were half empty, but the food was completely looted in the evening. The main thing is the absence of cardboard food. Understand what things to put between bread, stick to butter and use in times of hunger, with eating in the parking lot or with the trunk of a Tatra tree. In addition, napkins made of used bread, a refrigerated one and a holiday menu were equipped.

In the Tatra, after all, as in almost all culinary arts in Slovakia, they beat prices. Soup four euros, main course started at fifty-six or more. What do you get for sixty-five? For example, pizza bar or dill with dumplings. Bryndz is already more in demand and such a burger is worth eleven euros. No matter how you count, a family of four will never give a full lunch for less than fifty euros. The specialization in payment was the massive preference for cash. The waiter was always asking if we had money. Who knows why? However, the state treasury will also be filled from the account! But …? Despite their wishes, some customers insisted on the card. I had a feeling that in this system they don’t want to throw their coins into a bottomless well because they just don’t want to go back. Perhaps that explains the half-empty restaurants and overcrowded food. I do not want to evaluate whether the Tatras are expensive or not, because everyone has determined them according to their income. Everyone has a different standard of living, and what is not a thing for some, for others it is a full-time income or they can no longer afford it. But for comparison, just a small thing. In May I was on a business trip in Prague. They slashed accommodation and meal prices by fifty percent because they wanted to win over customers they had lost during the crown. During this period, locals also began to go to the center for lunch. They explained to us that at such prices it was not worth cooking at home, so the center of Prague was full of smiling and cheerful tourists, mixed with Prague, who were happy to share their satisfaction with us Slovak brothers. Well, another area, another manners.

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Still on the brink of the plague. The idea of ​​beautiful azure, the smell of water, and overall, with long plates full of food, fruits and vegetables, ice cream and sweets, hardly matches what the Tatras have given me this year. Yes, the famous Tatras, with beautiful mountains, hiking and fresh air.

I don’t know about you, but I will say no to next year’s crown. I will not exchange! So far I have not been offered anything better, despite the fact that the people of the Tatras behaved more decently and professionally than in the past. Despite this change, I will tell the crown to put it on my hat and allow me to live, to travel the world, to learn about work where they know it and to tell me that they are glad to have me, that they want me to come back and perhaps send others! So far, I only point out to the Tatras that they didn’t take the opportunity to make me a frequent visitor.