April 17, 2021

All high schools must receive a quick weekly test from January

CCuriosity about Christmas plans and transmission capability dominated the headlines today, with two of Britain’s most respected medical journals issuing a very rare joint editorial warning that continuing with the current slump is a “rash” and deadly decision.

We have heard a lot from politicians on this subject, an overview from the scientific community here:

Professor Roland Cow, Royal School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh:

“The increase in cases now suggests that those relaxations would be unreasonable, in fact there are still more stringent restrictions in many places.

“Efforts will now be made to ensure that newer vaccines are used and that the potential for deregulation is broader, to keep it more vulnerable to safety, but that the easing of prolonged controls will come soon.”

Professor Ashley Woodcock, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester:

“Usually people pass by [Covid] Within their peer group. But Christmas is uniquely designed to mix teens. This can lead to serious illness and death in the elderly (much higher than encountered within peer groups). This would be an inevitable catastrophe. In time for the New Year.

“Instead, the government should appoint a day in 2021 to celebrate, after the vaccination of vulnerable people in the UK, regardless of religious group.”

Professor John Edmunds, model of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a member of the Sage:

“Like all public health policy, Christmas relaxation is a balance. From a purely epidemiological standpoint, we must not loosen our security at Christmas, especially when the covid effect in society is at an alarming rate.

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“On the other hand, it is clear that many people want to meet friends and family during the holidays, so the current rules are an attempt to find a balance between the urge to see our loved ones and the need to control the exchange.

“Just because we can meet with two other households does not mean we have to do so. So it is best to postpone meeting with vulnerable relatives for another month or two. We hope they will be protected from the vaccination program.”