January 16, 2022

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Alaska: He was rescued by helicopter after being attacked and tortured by a bear for a week

U.S. Coast Guard crew during a flight between Godsebu and Nome in Alaska, two cities in west central Alaska “Observed an SOS sign above a shed” Friday, July 16 at the Miners’ Camp. Then a man waves them to the ground. The bear’s attack caused injuries to his legs and chest “A few days ago”, The man was able to be evacuated by a Coast Guard helicopter, the latter said in a statement.

“The team then landed and contacted the person in need of medical help.” Before taking him to Nome by helicopter for treatment, they said. The survivor said the bear that attacked him returned to the camp and tortured him every night for a whole week. His friends recognized his absence as he did not return to Nom on the scheduled day.

The U.S. state of Alaska, which crosses the Arctic Circle, is home to black, polar and brown bears, including the Kodiak bear, which is one of the largest in the world. It is not “Not Rare” For residents or visitors “To see bears, usually at a good distance”, According to the Alaskan Fish and Hunting Department website. But even if you don’t see it, “You will never be far from one of them: Alaska Bear Country”, Alert local authorities.

In recent years, the number of bear attacks – some dangerous – has increased significantly. In an article in the English language magazine Natural Released in June 2019, 664 brown bear attacks were reported between 2000 and 2015, with a peak of 82 accidents in 2014 against 16 in 2000. At least 53 of the victims were killed in the attacks. The United States is the second country after Romania to have this phenomenon more frequently than Russia.

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