April 17, 2021

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of death in the UK

All Kissy-Debra lived in Louisham, in south-east London One of the busiest roads in the UK capital, Southern Circular. He died at the hospital in February 2013 and then suffered a heart attack that could not resuscitate him, the death sentence was handed down Wednesday.

The girl suffered from severe asthma, which led to cardiac and respiratory arrest and frequent hospitalization for three years.

The medical cause of his death was listed as acute respiratory distress, severe asthma and exposure to air pollution. All “died of asthma and contributed by exposing to excessive air pollution” was the death sentence.

Charities such as the Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation said he was the first person in world history to be listed as a cause of death on an air pollution death certificate.

Assistant Crown Prince Philip Barlow said the mother of all had not been provided with information on air pollution and asthma, which could have led to the BA taking steps to “prevent” her daughter’s death. The media reported.

“Air pollution was a significant factor in triggering and exacerbating asthma,” Barlow told Southwest Coroner Court after a two-week trial.

“Between 2010 and 2013, during his illness, he exhibited higher levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter than World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.”

“The main source of his expression is traffic emissions,” he said.

Barlow said there had been a failure to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels within the limits set by EU and domestic law during this period.

“We’ve got her the most deserving justice,” Ella’s mother, Rosamond Kissi-Debra, said after the verdict.

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But he added: “It’s about other kids walking around our city with a lot of air pollution.”

“His legacy is to bring a new clean air law to governments – I’m not just talking about the UK government – governments around the world need to take this matter seriously,” Kissy-Debra said.

“I still think there’s a lack of understanding of the damage to young lungs, especially if they have not really developed.”

Rosamond Kissi-Debra, the mother of all the daughters, said her daughter got the justice she deserved.

Kissy-Debra said he would like to see a public awareness campaign on the damage that air pollution can do “rather than the game of blame”.

The previous trial verdict, which concluded that Ella had died of severe respiratory distress, was overturned by the High Court.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan called it a “milestone moment” and praised all the mothers for their “extraordinary” courage and years of campaigning.

“Toxic air pollution is a public health crisis, especially for our children,” he said Said in a statement. “Today should be a turning point so that other families do not have to suffer the same heartbeat of all families.”
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A 2018 report by Stephen Holgate, a professor at the University of Southampton, found that air pollution at the Gatford Observatory was within one mile of where he had lived, and that he had “legally” exceeded EU legal limits within three years of his death.

“If a healthy generation is to come into the world, we have to clean up our environment,” Holgate told a news conference after the trial.

He said the health and medical profession should start to “take ownership of some of these issues” just like smoking.

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“Our hearts go out to all the families who fought tirelessly for today’s milestone effect,” said Sarah Vulnock, CEO of the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation.

“The legacy of all has confirmed the invisible dangers of inhaling dirty air,” he said, criticizing “adequate air quality laws and policies, especially for those with asthma or lung disease.”

“Today’s ruling sets a precedent for seismic change in the pace and magnitude at which the government, local authorities and doctors must now work together to tackle the country’s air pollution health crisis,” he added.

A UK government spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with all the family and friends.”

A spokesman said the government would provide a $ 3.8 billion program to clean up traffic, deal with NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) pollution, protect communities from air pollution, and set “ambitious new air quality targets.”