October 21, 2021

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Ahead of the Germany-Hungary match, the “Rainbow Gate” recalls the political tensions of Euro 2021

The controversy grew to the point where the Germans now call it the “Rainbow Gate” In the rainbow, “Rainbow”, Lesbian, Gay, Two and Trance, LGBT community code colors). The UEFA rejected Munich’s request on Tuesday To illuminate his affiliation with the colors of the LGBT community in protest of Hungary’s policy on sexual minorities. With this decision, the European system unleashed criticism and sparked a movement for unity.

Germany appears in rainbow colors on Wednesday “Bad signal” Sent by UEFA, according to the German government. Several landmarks in the Bavarian capital were to be decorated in the colors of the community during the day, including a wind turbine visible from the Alliance arena on the eve of the first round of Euro Germany-Hungary. LGBT. From Frankfurt to Cologne, many Bundesliga stadiums glow in the evening through the Olympic Stadiums in Wolfsburg, Augsburg and Berlin.

Such as German newspapers South newspaper, Following Wednesday’s color “with headlines” movement. Heavyweights of the Bavarian economy, such as Siemens or BMW, have incorporated themselves in rainbow colors on Twitter. Deutsche Pan Railway played one of its locomotives with a slogan promoting diversity.

UEFA on Tuesday guarantees the values ​​of tolerance promoted by this initiative, but“Political and religious neutrality”, Which refuses to deliver a message that targets a country or government. Faced with growing controversy, he sought to postpone Wednesday, reaffirming his refusal to illuminate the Munich Stadium in the colors of the LGBT community, but adorned his own logo with a rainbow on Twitter. Heaven reaffirms him “Strong Commitment” Against homosexuality.

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The Hungarian government of Victor Orban welcomed the UEFA decision on Tuesday. “Thank you. European football leaders have shown common sense (…) By not participating in any political provocation against Hungary. ”, Welcomed Foreign Minister Peter Sizzardo.

A political decision

But it caused a stir, especially in Germany and France. “We deeply regret the UEFA’s decision to ban the burning of the Munich Stadium in LGBTQ colors.”, And we have “An incomprehensible form because it is a religiously neutral and non-political organization, but it has values.”, Elysee, on Wednesday, responded with the voice of an adviser to the presidency. “The UEFA has gained a little bit of its footing because in fact the decision to deny is also a political decision.”, Had already insulted French Foreign Secretary Clement Fionn for European affairs.

“I think it is a shame that the UEFA has banned us here in Munich from sending a signal of cosmopolitanism, tolerance, respect and solidarity with the LGBT community.”, The city’s Social Democrat mayor had condemned the day before to Tyter Reiter. “It’s true, the football field has nothing to do with politics. It is about people, honesty, tolerance. That is why the UEFA is sending the wrong signal. ”, Head of German diplomacy Heiko Moss said on Wednesday morning. “But fortunately, you can still show your colors today – both inside and outside the stadium.”, Promoted Angela Merkel’s government minister. German public television channel ARD talked about “Own goal” Marked by UEFA.

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Fear of tensions with response and ultras from Hungarian clubs

In response to the “Rainbowgate”, many Hungarian football clubs will illuminate their stadiums in the colors of the national flag during the competition. Capor Kupadov, president of Hungary’s largest club, Ferrancuros, calls “Color all levels in red-white-green”, In a message posted on Facebook on Tuesday. According to the official, who is also the vice president of Victor Orban’s Fidesz party, the idea responds to the demands of their staunch supporters. Provocations From Munich.

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Other clubs participating in the effort include MTK Budapest FC and Debrecen in the east of the country, both affiliated with Fidesz politicians. One of the music links to the Budapest State Opera glows. Prior to the competition, organizers of the Munich Bright March affiliated with Amnesty International organized a program to distribute 11,000 rainbow flags to visitors (only 14,000 seats will be occupied due to restrictions due to Govt-19).

The atmosphere can be tense with Hungarian fans. The Carpathian Brigade, a group of radical nationalists identified by their black shirts, plans to step down “Thousands” According to his Facebook page, in Munich. By the time the German media announced, Mr. Orban should not attend the competition in Munich.

“Rainbowgate” has been born by the Hungarian parliament since it was adopted last week ” promotion “ Homosexuality among minors, just hours before the first Euro match between Hungary and Portugal in Budapest.

A “shameful” law

Mr. The law, initiated by the sovereign party of Orban, provides for it “Pornography and content depicting sexuality or promoting gender identity, sexual restitution and homosexuality should not be accessible to persons under 18 years of age.”.

An announcement, currently supported by fifteen member states, It called on the commission to act after the speech was adopted in Budapest on June 15. Ursula van der Leyen, President of the European Commission Called Wednesday “Shame” This law. Brussels will send a letter to Budapest “Concerns” Legally before it came into force.

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“European Commission President’s announcement a disgrace”, The government repeated three times in a statement on Wednesday, repeating the words of the head of the European executive. M CommentsMe Van der Lion Sond “Based on false allegations”, Said the government of Sovereign Victor Orban. Prohibition Act ” promotion “ Homosexuality among minors “Protects the rights of children, guarantees the rights of parents and does not apply to the sexual orientation of persons over 18 years of age: so there are no discriminatory elements.”, He argues. And condemnation “An impartial political opinion has never been taken before without an impartial inquiry.”.

Victor Orban, pledged to an establishment “New Era” Cultural liberal culture has for many years tightened the law against lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people.

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