April 17, 2021

Agreement ratified, post-Brexit era begins for UK and EU – World News

Britain was all set to enter a new era at 11pm local time on Thursday, leaving the EU and embarking on a new, uncertain post-Brexit journey.

“Govt loves meeting, cancel parties” was the main message of a public information campaign on Thursday, the last day of 2020, urging Britons to bring the New Year home. For the first time since the April peak, the UK on Wednesday recorded nearly 1,000 Govt-19 deaths and more than 50,000 new cases in a single day.

Last week the Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU gained British state recognition and became law amid continuing debate over whether it would be better for Britain to leave the camp for prosperity.

Many aspects of life may change as new post-Brexit facts emerge. This includes higher prices in supermarkets and changes for Britons visiting EU member states.

During any 180-day period they will have a 90-day limit on their stay, use of queues for non-EU citizens at airports, and will be asked by immigration officials to show a return ticket and adequate funding for their stay.

The shadow of the epidemic is still looming as millions of Britons went to the top tier 4 Govt-19 warning system with strict restrictions on Wednesday. Jonathan Van-Tom, the UK’s chief medical officer, described the situation as “severe, depressing and dangerous”.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, said: One works for us; Someone who acts against us. On the plus side, we have two valid vaccines, and as I say, we race to get them out.

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“On the contrary, there is a new strain of the virus that is spreading rapidly across the country. In the last week alone there has been a 40% increase in cases in the UK, with almost 15% of patients hospitalized – more than the peak of the first wave.”

Meanwhile, Stanley Johnson, the father of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, on Thursday confirmed plans to obtain French citizenship as Britain’s free movement in the EU comes to an end under the Brexit agreement granted by his son.

(With inputs from agencies)