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Age Of Empires IV - Review - Game

Age Of Empires IV – Review – Game

After the final improved modification of the first three parts, a whole new game, Age of Empires, was released. And so the legend continues, although somewhat of an honor, it’s not quite that the release is made through ael buddies. RTS with a bag of relatively rare goods on the market, and finally, the result is sold out, although some facts need to be reconciled.

The game starts without prompting with a tutorial, which is very annoying for bench games. Don’t give the impression of ammonium for any age, it will be a surprise for the first spa mission in the campaign or the scenario in additional modes. The attempt to fight the Duke of Normandy was not very successful, and the following missions, where many European rulers and their lineages presented themselves, were not more interested. I had the most fun during the campaign which focused on the history of Mongolian Umbria with featured charters and rides. The third part depicts the century of war, after which you will forget about Russian history and look at Moscow. In general, it will last a long time, certainly more than tenfold, but it is also bad to choose sterility. We recommend skipping the thunder by skipping the lowest level, because if others cause you to receive a call.
Mission objectives often pass through all the buildings of the designated settlement, ensuring safe access to the road, stopping enemy reinforcements and a quest fortress. Some of the maps are relatively cool, and they have an absolutely selling dynamic design. But if you’re primarily interested in the video, which is unlocked during the campaign, it’s really a non-repetitive aurite, which is why you have a game with a size of over 50GB, or even more if you install 4K content.

Cut scenes, which you can finish, will get you in big trouble, and many games will probably be a problem. Combine these lessons with tapestries and movie sections that show what the venues looked like. But the characters and things that stood there are literally complete in them. On the other hand, it’s an interesting comparison of what it used to be and how it looks today. But still, there, he disturbs his cars, buses, and electronics stores, which you can see in the once-imposing rearview mirror of the walls. On the other hand, we appreciate the intriguing short documentaries, which teach falconers how real catapults work, explain the nature of Mongolian stories with signs, illustrate traditional Mongolian bow production and the like. However, the campaigns have a predominant educational effect, and it just so happens that these videos are more interesting than the playability itself.
More dynamic like missions with separate maps provided reime amultiplayeri. However, although the offer to the individual is considered broad, in reality with the options of default for the debtor. The Art of War section contains text only. In the single player arvtka, play single against the AI, but also in those to which it has added intelligence, or in places where it is against cadmium. You can choose the age after that, with a capacity of up to 8 games. The condition for a draw is to eliminate opponents, build and defend the wonders of the world, and this time also take possession of the Inspection of the Holy Places. This is the same on large maps and in multiplayer mode, where at the moment there is only a standard mode against live thunder or AI, girl mode and methods and modes will be evaluated, which will improve its disposal. There are also online modes, since the course and results of which are recorded in individual and global tattoos, you pay for achievements, insignificant bonuses and game levels. Included with daily calls. But the game also shuts down and if the connection fails even though the mode is closed, I can’t speed up.

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The course of the game does not need to be described stormy. Basic Game Principles With Totten almost there is no age news, but it usually has improvements. In the city center, you mainly produce scouts to survey workers, who you send out, gather fruit, hunt, and work in the fields. In addition to rbu wood, aia gold akame. Guilt (but not all) the civilization you need to increase the capacity of residents’ homes. During the progression path, you go through three development periods, this time when you need to build one of the two special built-in buildings. T will bring economic, defense and military rewards. On the water you can build fishing ships, transport, trade and war.

You can produce soldiers with weapons up close, but the building is for archers with slugs, kuami apukas, from the stable come knights on koochas, partial siege weapons. Individual factions, of which there are eight in the game, but certainly more, differ in economic and military benefits, and have specific reinforcements, as with smaller saddle combat, elephants or Avas. Thus, quite a few alternatives that treat and transform enemies, but also the transfer of relics and the occupation of holy places, have been preserved.

Around the building there is a case of wooden stone walls, on which the crew can be placed. In addition, the defense will be ensured by several Ahrad cannons, complemented by, for example, cannons. Almost all of the game can be improved, from speed to worker movement, through soldiers’ attacks armor and overall improvements, and to specific features, such as unilateral infantry, and building up a stockpile of siege weapons anywhere in the interior. It is a great help for combat, because if necessary, even in the midst of looting, your soldiers will build a ram or a mobile yard with a fence. At the same time, they bring buildings to their brim during looting, unless someone fixes them.

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You can change the troops or order them to maintain their positions, they know how to hide in the jungle and how to invade. By default, they automatically shoot at enemies within range and after persecuting the mole, they return to their original position. You also have commanders on the battlefield, repeatedly activating his relentless ability to temporarily increase the defenses of soldiers, take them out or summon hawks, as well as guesses and the like. Even commanders do not fall in love with him, only then they need to be directly on the battlefield or in some kind of unit.

For some, after all, for me an ainch game, it’s a shame that the innovations from Age of Empires III were rejected by the developers this time. Utu is not a central town located on the map, you can get additional raw materials from erpa. Even trading stations that generate resources that you had to occupy first and then can create advanced trading paths that can be improved. This has been limited to the creation of simple transmissions called sympathetic or neutral spindles. Also, small challenges are faded with treasure walls and the intuitive wiring, where you can spawn specific units after they’ve been conquered. One of the city’s most common functions also collapsed, as was the use of the bell in the city’s message to call residents during danger. At least the revocation copy is not merged.

In addition, there is less gadget improvement in this game, although this impression is also supported by the poor design of the user interface. For example, the triple shield and efficiency improvements represented by only one icon at a time, which still look the same, you’ll notice there only at a close glance, whether it’s the first type or the third level of improvement. Comfortable for developers, definitely less obvious for games. In general, the hardcore look of the UI will not be pi. It does not correspond to the shistoric era, in which the game takes place, in short in a look at the times of houses and weapons the UI looks very modern.

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The look of the game is a sale, but it can be said that it is noticeable or fast. Tern is neat, but less plastic, although its unevenness is taken into account in combat, the buildings look good, the units are very nice, but their details are weaker when you approach them. The flower is very smooth without fluctuations in shooting and cutting. However, the UI design and the main menu of the game don’t really match the game, and as far as functionality is concerned, it is without problems. In addition, versus when natan task amp if dos zdhav heating. We talked about campaigns in campaigns. Anyone interested in extraordinary people, they are distracted by others, because, like the introductory interface, they disturb the general historical part of the game to a certain extent. The music is well matched, the dubbing is good, and you can also learn about the different languages ​​in which the workers and developers express themselves.

If you want a good strategy, I’m sure it will be Age of Empires IV, especially if you can get it right away with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Don’t play it bad, have fun, but it’s definitely not the best game you can beat, even monochrome stands with a whole cloth on your tail. It meets strict standards, but not only brings aspects of playability into the game or even new aspects, but also removes some proven elements. On the other hand, I have a few cosmetic improvements that make the game dynamic. But nevertheless, it is more impressive as an encyclopedia of history with a curiosity in additional perspectives, resulting in a strategy that is slightly above average.