November 30, 2021

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Age of Empires 4: Return of the Legend (Review)

Age of Empires 4: Return of the Legend (Review)

Age of Empires – A cult, classic, nostalgic, hour-long tactic.

All this sparks in me the name of this game. As a player this title overcame countless hours and He went through all the parts, I must admit, when I learned in 2017 that another work was coming out, I looked like a kid to the shop window at the sweet shop.

Writing memories like crazy cheats”pepperoni pizza, just to have a faster progression in Age of Empires I, which was published in 1997, they only strengthen me in how fast life flies. But enough about jubilation and nostalgia.

The game takes you through the initial settings Pulls straight into the tutorial. It cannot be memorized or skipped, so you have to go through a couple of periods and get the basics of what and how to do in the game. You will then have access to the single player, which is divided into Kambach, skirmishes art of war – This mode is perfect to test your skills and discover strategies. It is also not missing Multiple against players or artificial intelligence. In the campaign you can play for Normans, Russians and Mongols Take part in the Hundred Years’ War.

Zdroj: Microsoft
Age of Empires IV

Play has not changed

You will find in the tutorial that The gameplay has not changed at all. Except for another graphic design for the bottom panel of buildings is Everything is as it was in previous works. It is good that when constructing buildings, the terrain is level and you have the option of marking a set of units. They will also be happy with the details of the type that military units in higher lands will see more. But all this was and is in other strategy games.

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Movement of units is sometimes confusing. The scouting unit does not have the ability to automatically walk on the map and detect the map itself, and you might get annoyed with other little things you’re used to when playing other strategy games. Despite the fierce competition, The game has not made any relevant progress.

I really miss the logic of mineral wealth management. For example, already in the game Knights and merchants (1998) The villagers also dealt with afforestation during felling, so that it does not happen that if they cut down the forest, they will lose the felling in the future. I think even in AoE such a “memo” can appear at least as a form of evolution. And there are a lot of these details that make the game fantastic. However, you will definitely agree with me if you play titles like ANNO, Northgard, Foundation, and others.

Age of Empires IVZdroj: Microsoft
Age of Empires IV

Rock fans will be delighted

On the other hand, I have to pick it up Well-crafted campaignWhich rivals the historical documentary series. Videos containing real footage interlaced with digital animations of military units are excellently processed, historically accurate and to a high standard. On the basis of such a campaign, history can be taught pedagogically in school.

The game features the nations of English, French, Romanian, Chinese, Russian, Mughal, Abbasid, and Delhi. Each country is unique in terms of playability and requires a completely different approach to strategy. The game also includes daily missions, achievements, historical videos, a link to your Steam or Xbox Live profile, and a brief overview of your account/character level.

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Personally, I played for the English, the Romans, the Russians, and the Mongols. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, Which proves that the same tactic doesn’t work. While playing it, I felt that it would be necessary to know somewhat the history of these countries and find out what is typical of each. For example what are their strengths and weaknesses and inculcate this knowledge in the tactics of the game. The music in the game is unobtrusive, but it’s a lot of fun, with each evolutionary period having its own typical music.

Age of Empires IVZdroj: Microsoft
Age of Empires IV


keep the truth Rock fans will be delighted with the brand. I was too. The game is great, but somehow I was expecting more. In other strategy games, one gets used to things that Age of Empires IV does not offer.

I’m left with this feeling The strategy genre has moved forward and the Age of Empires series is going its own way in a proven classic. It shouldn’t be malicious, but I’m not sure if it will attract fans of players in the future and the associated profits and the subsequent additional investment in the game’s brand. So that it does not happen again, as the last time, that we have to wait for the next part for almost two decades.

The game itself is greatBut I’ll leave the judgment to you when you play it. If you like the Age of Empires brand, you will definitely not regret your purchase. And you can try the game in the full version without having to buy it – Part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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Rating: 4/5

price: €59.99

Lend it to: Microsoft

Samuel Samuelec Review

  • Successful sequel to the cult game
  • Revised audiovisual campaign
  • the uniqueness of nations
  • representation of the height of the hills
  • Animation of destroyed buildings
  • Lack of creativity and innovation
  • Less technology in development

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