January 28, 2022

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After the fire, Turkey was hit by heavy flooding

Heavy rains lashed the area from Tuesday evening until late at night.

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Authorities evacuated a hospital in Sinop province on Wednesday (August 11) due to heavy flooding and landslides in northern Turkey. The country has not recovered from the catastrophic fire that struck several humid areas along the Black Sea, killing eight tourists south of its territory.

Further west, in the province of Bardin, rescuers searched for an 80-year-old man whose house had collapsed, the local governor said. Heavy rains caused several landslides, one of which caused the road bridge to partially collapse, the health minister said. Eight people had to be hospitalized.

Heavy rains lashed the area from Tuesday evening until late at night. Areas in the north and northeast of Turkey continue to be affected by such an event. Many scientists are making a connection between global warming caused by human activities and the increasing incidence of such extreme weather events.

Turkey has been the scene of several natural disasters in recent months, including episodes of severe drought and violent wildfires in late July and early August. In the aftermath of this black series, many politicians and associations urged the government to take drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.