January 22, 2022

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After Brexit, tens of thousands of foreigners fled Britain

After Brexit, tens of thousands of foreigners fled Britain

This trend was further supported by the epidemic and the high uncertainty associated with it.

Bratislava. After the UK left the European Union (EU), tens of thousands of Union citizens returned home from Britain. As reported by euronews.com , This trend was further supported by the epidemic Corona virus And the greater uncertainty associated with it.

They leave for Brexit

According to the latest figures, the number of people leaving the UK last year was almost 40% higher than the previous year. The Poles – the largest non-British national minority in the United Kingdom – are no exception.

Official figures show that the number of Poles living in the UK has dropped from more than a million in 2017 to about 738,000 in 2020.

“Of course, a lot of people are coming back now. One of the reasons is Brexit, others have parents to take care of, others, especially workers, lost their jobs during the epidemic. Some came back to see the situation in Poland and found it very good,” said Eva Kluss, who works as an accountant. Poland arrived in the UK in August 2003, a year before joining the European Union.

Despite leaving the British Federation, there are no plans to return. However, he says about 10% of his Polish accounting clients returned home after Brexit.

Gluz, who has been trying to create a larger Polish community for years, says despite Brexit, most Polish families in the UK have decided there is no reason to leave. He is said to have been aware of the incidents in which the children opposed their departure.

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However, staying in the UK after Brexit has not been easy. Although the Brexit agreement allowed the citizens of the union to stay, they had to apply for accommodation. British system of organization with the European Union. According to Krzysia Balinská, co-ordinator of Polish immigration, the difficulties faced by many play a key role in their decision to leave the United Kingdom and return home.

Shortage of some staff

Another Polish man who has lived in the UK for a long time, Krzystof Dworny, 51, who works in transportation, said that if Brexit forced some poles to reconsider their future, COVID-19 would have decided for them. He knows of several Polish companies that went bankrupt in the UK.

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“I survived, only because I signed a contract with a large Polish company. During the epidemics, overall tourism fell, and if it continues like this, tourism will not recover,” he said.

According to him, the strict immigration regime in the United Kingdom after Brexit is also complicating business. Labor shortages also affect its sector. According to him, the British now need help because they are drowning.

“They will seek help and bring drivers and other workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan and many more. But if they do get help, they will, as always, be thanked in the style of ‘leave our country,'” he predicted.

Klaus, on the other hand, says there is a shortage of builders in the UK after Brexit. “They call me every day from construction companies and ask me about people because they can not find anyone,” he said, adding that they have difficulty replacing out-of-the-box aliens in the UK.

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