January 21, 2022

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Afghanistan: What is life like in Kabul under the yoke of the Taliban?



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Despite their promises, the Taliban seem to have neglected the rights of women since they entered Kabul.

In a residential area in central Kabul (Afghanistan)The Taliban entered Yoke Men with weapons of war were called to kneel before a wall. Thieves, according to them. In another district of the capital, a resident engages in conversation with the Taliban, who are responsible for public order. He hears the thieves being arrested and worries about their fate. “We cut off their hands and painted their faces black,” he said. Responds to the person concerned. In the streets, the new masters of the country march. Under the good escort, a cartoon speaks the good word and allows himself a few selfies. The Taliban want to reassure the people and believe that they have changed. Thank God, day by day disbelief disappears. They got used to us “, The latter says.

However, the population does not seem to have really promised that. France continues to expel. Among the Afghans who left the country on Wednesday, August 18, a young translator, Jamail, With French teams There are televisions Collaborated on several occasions. “[Les talibans] Lying about everything, the latter thinks. I went to talk to a Taliban so he allowed a family to return to the embassy and he yelled at me: ‘You are a woman, are you brave enough to talk to me?‘” Thousands more Afghans want to leave the country. Avoid ConfusionAmericans are constantly firing in the air to stop the crowd.

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