January 29, 2022

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Afghanistan: These countries are already ready to negotiate with the Taliban

China said on Monday it wanted “friendly relations” with rebels returning to power in Afghanistan, as Russia plans to recognize the Islamists – the Taliban “for their actions”.

Nothing has been decided yet. But the debates remain open “Friendly”. While the West is expelling as many of its last nationals as possible from Afghanistan, the Eastern Force is taking a step towards the Taliban, which has returned to power in the country after the collapse of government forces. While Russia says it is ready to recognize the rebels, China believes it wants to “Friendships”.

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Afghanistan in the grip of the Taliban

On Monday, August 16, the Kremlin’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Jameer Kapulov, announced that he would hold talks with the Taliban. The Russian ambassador to Kabul has already told Russian radio “Contact with the Taliban” I’m going to talk to them “Security Coordinator” Since Tuesday. Ambassador Dmitry Jirnov wants to discuss issues related to the Russian embassy in Kabul, insurgents confirm “External perimeter protection already” Russia indicated on Sunday that it was not considering discharging its diplomatic mission in the capital of the establishment. “Guarantees” From their narrator.

Discussions “for a long time”

Beyond this question, the two will discuss tomorrow “Long distance details”, The ambassador said. A position that is in line with Moscow’s strategy of years of trying to strengthen ties with the Taliban. The question of whether or not Moscow recognizes the new Afghan power will be discussed specifically. Because even if he takes power so fast “Surprise” Russia, Jameer Kapulov acknowledges it – “Surprising” – “The situation is calm now” In Kabul. So that’s okay now “Depends on actions” The rebels warned the Russian ambassador. So the Kremlin did not close the door to any event. According to him, this will be needed first “Look carefully at how responsible their approach to the governance of the country is.” Before shooting “Required results”.

But the Russian ambassador in Kabul has already given The Upcoming discussions. He said the Taliban had re-established themselves on the Russian television station Rosia 24“General Order” In the capital of Afghanistan. According to him, the priority now is to be Afghanistan “Civilization, Terrorism and Drug Abuse” And that country “Maintains good relations with all countries of the world.” Because this is Moscow’s biggest fear. Since August 8, a concern has prompted the Russian Foreign Ministry to call a delegation from the Taliban’s Qatar office. According to The worldSheikh Shahabuddin Delawar promised by introduction that he wanted to “We did everything we could to prevent ISIS from ever settling in Afghanistan.” As well as “ The fight against drug trafficking and trafficking ” A way to reassure the Kremlin about the porosity of borders. “The Taliban have already promised us all this and we hope they will keep their promises.” So he recalled the Russian ambassador this Monday.

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An open discourse, but it is cautious. Unlike China. A vast country that shares a 76-kilometer border with the Middle East, he clearly said on Monday “Friendships” With the Taliban. Chinese embassy spokesman after rebels’ capture of Kabul – including embassy “Continues to work” In Kabul – is clear. In the press, Hua Sunying said The people of Afghanistan must respect their right to decide their own future. Especially since “The Taliban have repeatedly expressed their hope to build good relations with China.”, Noted the head of diplomacy. Again, this strategy is not new. Beijing began talks with rebels in September 2019 after facing a threat to the security of its border region of Xinjiang.

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