December 7, 2021

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Actor Pavel Liska has apologized for appearing in commercials for Bohemia Energy

Pavel Liška himself belongs to the 1 million customers of Bohemia Energy who have trusted and used their services.

Czech actor Pavel Leska, who starred in advertising sites promoting energy provider Bohemia Energy (BE), commented on the sudden end of the company through his Facebook account.

admit mistakes

The award-winning actor stated that while he has nothing in common with the particular company, he apologizes to all customers who feel awkward in this regard, and told web news portal on Sunday.

“It’s been over a week since I received an email from BE that this company was going out of business. I didn’t understand it at all, and after a while I realized it was real,” the 49-year-old actor wrote in a statement. Liska stated that he was approached by an advertising agency about four years ago.

According to him, he is trying to build responsible cooperation and refers to the case, when almost a million customers lost their energy resource, but he admitted the many mistakes made by this company.

They didn’t make backups

“I simply see part of the problem in BE’s risk and lack of progress going forward, even for such an unexpected global increase in energy prices as it just happened. I understand that sometimes the risk is back in business, but despite everything, I think It is imperative that the person taking the risk bears the consequences of not doing so.”

“We simply learned about it at the time. However, it will affect the lives of many people. Personally, I belong to a million BE clients who have trusted and used their services. I am very sorry and I apologize to everyone who feels savvy.”

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Bohemia Energy, the largest group of alternative energy suppliers in the Czech Republic with 900,000 points of consumption, has decided to close its business, including providing electricity and gas to customers. The company announced this on October 13, citing persistently high energy prices in wholesale markets.