January 27, 2022

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Action for Slovaks you can get almost for free!

Action for Slovaks you can get almost for free!

If you are still using Windows 7 or Windows 10Perhaps you should start thinking about moving to a more modern one Windows 11. In addition to the new features and design, it also offers more robust security and compatibility with the latest software and games.

However, as is often the case, new Windows and other software tend to be expensive. Today we will show you how to access it at a very attractive price.

With Keysworlds, the distributor and distributor of office software Microsoft Office 2019 a office 2021As well as operating systems Windows 10 a Windows 11 You can get huge discounts that save you tens of euros.

Windows 11 and Office 2021: The best ever

Office 2021 is the latest version of the premium office software package. While it exceeds the official price 455 EURYou can get Office 2021 for 34.99 euros (1 pc). You don’t need a voucher for thatJust put it in your cart and the license is yours.

Office 2021 was introduced on the same day as the last version of Windows 11. It costs a change 146.58 EUR. But this is a price you do not have to pay. Keysworlds sells licenses at a much lower price – only 1689 EUR. Again, no coupon.

Windows 10 and Office 2019: Better Price, Full Functionality

Those who prefer you Windows 10You can only buy it for €709 Without the need for a special coupon. If you want to install Windows 10 on 2 pc, even better. Assigned to a bundle of 2 licenses more attractive price10,06 euros. You will pay for one license Just over 5 euros.

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Of course, it also fits the new OS Office software package Office. headquarters. center. The best of them are produced by Microsoft itself. So you have it at your disposal Office 2019 Pro Plussold for €2519, in addition to the older, but still very popular Office 2016, the price of which is slightly lower – Only 19.19 euros.

  • Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus€2519
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus1919 EUR

Windows + Office: Packages Save Money

If you want to save more, we highly recommend the discounted packages. Thanks to them, you can combine the combination that suits you perfectly. Want Windows 11 with the latest version of Office? No problem. Do you want the cheapest solutions? This is not a problem either. See for yourself. In this case, it is necessary to use a coupon Ebf58.

After entering the coupon, the price will be reduced by more than half.

Packages with Office 2021

  • Office 2021 Pro + Windows 11 Pro (Package)€4452 (€61.47 discount)
  • Office 2021 Pro + Windows 10 Pro (Package)€37.80 (€52.19 discount)

Office 2019 packages

Although Office 2019 is no longer the latest version of Microsoft’s solution, it is still one of the most used and most equipped solutions. Together with Windows 10 or Windows 11, they make a perfect combination that you can count on. So the best? A set of both licenses does not cost even 30 euros. Once again, Coupon Ebf58 must be used here as well.

  • Office 2019 Pro + Windows 10 Pro (Package)€2940 (40.59 euros discount)
  • Office 2019 Pro + Windows 11 Pro (Package)€37.80
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Packages with Office 2016

If your goal is to quickly install one of the most advanced operating systems and set Office running with ease, these packages are created just for you. Its price is only very little more than 20 €. Coupon Ebf58 must also be used here.

  • Office 2016 Pro + Windows 10 Pro (Package)22.21 € (€30.68 discount)
  • Office 2016 Pro + Windows 10 Home (Package)€22.67 (31.31 euros discount)

Speed, price and 100% rating

Keysworlds It is an authorized dealer specializing in the sale of CD keys and licenses for various software. Once paid, the license will be delivered to the email account you provided within minutes.

If you encounter any issues during your order or after your submission, please feel free to contact store support at [email protected], who will be happy to assist you. There is 24/7. The store offers a satisfaction guarantee, thanks to which none of the customers have to worry about their money. If you are not satisfied, the transaction will solve the problem very quickly.