January 29, 2022

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Acer Aspire Vero: An eco-friendly laptop.  Will it save the planet?  (reconsidering)

Acer Aspire Vero: An eco-friendly laptop. Will it save the planet? (reconsidering)

It’s made from recycled materials, but it looks contradictory at some points.

And maybe it’s this recycled laptop that will slightly correct our opinion about recycling. The point is, we don’t fall into uniform beliefs, like plastic. It is a non-environmental plastic bag and it is paper The best for our planet? Well, not quite if you use plastic for longer, because it will last longer. And the Aspire Vero laptop is in the same spirit.

It is organic, but…

The manufacturer made it from recycled plastic. We applaud this initiative and so far almost no one has explored these waters. Other manufacturers also try to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible. However, it is quite clear that not everything can be done in this way. use it easier 30% plastic Thus saving a total of 21% of CO2 emissions from laptop production2. He calls his operation Post-consumer recycling.

Source: Michael Reiter / Chet

The laptop looks really different and the fact that it is made of this material will be obvious at first glance. The box will also tell you something about the product. It is also made from recycled materials, specifically paper here. And the manufacturer designed it so that it can be shredded and used as a stand under a laptop, tilting it slightly for you.

I basically imagined a laptop for something ecological for three hundred, maybe four hundred. But this is a different coffee. Here we come to the “but” in the title. In the end, it wasn’t hard to accept the Acer idea. You have an eco-friendly laptop but at the same time you don’t have any summerina with barely any internet browser. You get an all-in-one work laptop, just it Made with the philosophy of certainty. It costs 1000 euros. This is already a sign that it will not just be a counter to the most basic tasks. It’s a true laptop with powerful office equipment, which is the equivalent of a “less eco-friendly laptop”.

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The laptop feels weird

You will be familiar with the design and layout of your own laptop. It’s based on the Aspire series, so the treatment will remind you of a regular laptop. It also had a complete port equipment, which is a phenomenon today and is no exception. You definitely go for it and you don’t want to be discouraged from buying even the slightest detail. So here it is Generous LAN and USB ports.

The rest of the palm is a little different. It is slightly different from classic laptops, for example, from Lenovo. The manufacturer uses some models to treat them with a special coating. This feeling is not there and the surface is well shaded. As a whole, the laptop is really solid. The manufacturer does not distinguish here. I would even say that this recycled substrate is more powerful than the classic 15.6″ Aspire “Niko”. But it’s just a feeling, since at the same time I tested the Aspire with an AMD processor and couldn’t complain about the uncut solid processing.


The keyboard has one peculiarity, which is Inverted letters E and R. in the opposite direction. It is also a sign or symbol of this chain that focuses on recycled materials. The keyboard has one backlight level. You need to get used to the narrower numeric keypad and some key alignment, I usually draw a slash with a minus sign. A fingerprint reader is integrated into the touchpad, as you have seen on many laptops of this brand.

The speakers are standard, somewhat average. As far as performance is concerned, it is already clear from the parameter table below that this is a really good office notebook. It is even designed so that components can be upgraded as needed. Bolts are standard And with a little bit of exaggeration, you can open them with a cutlery knife. That’s what the manufacturer meant, there are no penalties for opening it or trying to make this impossible for you. It’s also a machine for old games like Mafia II or Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

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Laptop power can be managed with the VeroSense app, which aims to reduce energy in the spirit of the environment. It’s an app that other manufacturers have in their own design, but here it is designed to align with the company’s overall idea and environmental thinking.


Acer Aspire Vero Is an interesting idea and method for making notebooks. One or two pieces won’t change the planet, but producing this way is a good idea. For me, I’d appreciate maybe a cheaper option. So that you do not have to pay for a very good laptop, but give 1000 euros. The cheaper model is about 200 euros less, but maybe something for a famous 500. Other manufacturers can also be a source of inspiration.

Price: 1016 EUR

Borrow it: Acer

  • Idea with organic treatment
  • At the same time a powerful desktop computer
  • Energy management through the app
  • Ability to disassemble and upgrade components
  • Doesn’t look as good as aluminum parts
  • Perhaps more massive and angular
  • After all, even a 500 euro computer will want it