January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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According to the Chamber of Commerce, the government is unable to take any action.  Asking her to reduce the tax

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the government is unable to take any action. Asking her to reduce the tax

The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proposing that the government temporarily reduce the value-added tax for manufacturing companies in an immediate response to higher prices for energy carriers. This was stated by its representatives during a press conference held on Thursday.

In addition, they also propose to use funds obtained from the sale of emissions allowances to the corporate sector, as well as funds obtained as a special tax on network industries. They also demand that the purchase of military equipment be suspended or extended for a longer period and that it be strictly linked to offset programmes.

The Chamber of Commerce calls on the government to have a clear long-term vision for solving problems in the field of macroeconomic stability, clarifying the intention of tax and collection policy by the end of the election period, and at the same time restoring the budget. The preparation process for a transparent form.

The Chamber also calls for a long-term and clear concept in setting the prices of electricity and energy carriers, and setting rules for the state’s participation in securing prices so that they are not liquidated for companies operating in Slovakia.

The Chamber criticizes the government for not accepting the fact that the revenues of the state treasury depend on it Business sector. At the same time, work has become more difficult due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. “The pandemic has exposed all the weaknesses in the system in which we live.” Chamber President Peter Mihawk said, noting that he meant the economic, political and social system.

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He added that entrepreneurs lack the active approach of the government. The negative social environment also affects business morale and thus prevents companies from solving strategic problems. The improvement of the situation again stopped due to the third wave of the epidemic, the increase in the prices of energy carriers, as well as inconsistent government actions.

The Chamber of Commerce noted that in addition to acute problems, it is necessary to solve the future in the present. “To have a clear idea of ​​how Slovakia will deal with the challenges of the post-period period,” Note the representatives of the room.

If the government is aware of the problems in some areas, according to the chamber, it is unable to take measures to radically improve the current situation.