December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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According to NASA researchers, the torsion engine is getting closer to reality

The Star Trek sci-fi series has inspired many technologies that people use every day. Among the many futuristic ideas that have caught the attention of people around the world is the warp thrust technology. In fact, the first theory was proposed in Star Trek that allows the galaxy to travel faster than light. In 1994, theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre developed a theory called the Alcubierre Engine. It was a bubble in spacetime that would distort distances, allowing it to travel long distances in a bubble. Most people thought it made sense in theory, but in practice it just wasn’t possible.

Joseph Agnew, an undergraduate at the University of Alabama, wanted to test this theory. If all the power requirements were met, he said, it could not be shown that they did not work. The point is the compression of space-time in front of the spacecraft and the expansion of space-time behind it. However, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, nothing can travel faster than light. When an object travels faster, it tends to be heavier. The more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to achieve acceleration. In short, the speed of light cannot be achieved at all.

Warp thrust is perhaps the holy grail of space research. It is said to allow you to travel faster than the speed of light. But we all know that nothing can travel faster than light, as Einstein’s theory demonstrates. The reason is that an unlimited amount of energy is needed to accelerate any physical object to the speed of light. The only reason it is not related to light is the fact that photons (i.e. particles of light) have no mass. It follows that any spacecraft traveling at the speed of light is impossible.

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Bending the laws of physics is likely to break the global speed limit. Instead of beating the speed of light, the Alcubier warp engine exceeds the speed of light by distorting spacetime. According to this theory, a mobile spaceship is in a warp bubble surrounded by a ring of negative matter. The negative matter loop helps reduce space-time in front of the spaceship and expand space-time behind. This would allow the spaceship to travel at ten times the speed of light.

However, the spacecraft in the bubble will maintain the global speed limit, while general relativity will remain the same. However, there is a problem – the operation of the torsion engine requires a large amount of energy (mass). To propel a spacecraft at this level, you’d need a mass equivalent to that of Jupiter. Doctor. Harold Sonny White, a mechanical and physicist engineer at NASA, is trying to find a way to solve the problem of matter and energy. He thinks that bending the path can likely reduce the energy (mass) requirements of Alcubierre’s theory.

He also noted that there might be possibilities to alter the shape of the negative mass ring in order to meet the weight requirement of around 700 kg. White now leads a team of physicists and engineers at NASA whose job is to build the White-Juday interferometer’s warp field. It is a beam splitting interferometer that can create the smallest warp bubble. Although this is an important function, we are still far from making interstellar travel and warp thrust a reality. According to Star Trek, the warp drive was invented in 2063.

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