January 22, 2022

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According to Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen deserves the title. It’s the best ever

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Fernando Alonso sided with Max Verstappen ahead of the F1 Championship. He probably deserves the title more than Lewis Hamilton, because he is one step ahead of all the other quality racers.

For points, it currently stands at 369.5:369.5 and considering the more powerful car, Lewis Hamilton is the favourite.

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“I think Mercedes has been more powerful lately,” The two-time world champion said before the crucial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. “They have won several races in a row, but Max, in my opinion, is one step ahead of each of us.”

Fernando Alonso

Source: SITA

“We saw his bike in Jeddah, that is, until the moment the wall hit the last bend. And that ride was about Max himself, not Red Bull’s performance. But that’s just my opinion. In my opinion, Mercedes deserves a design title because their car is the best. On the other hand, he was Max is a step ahead of the rest in terms of the entire season.”

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Fernando Alonso won his titles in 2005 and 2006. He was also one of the best riders in the following seasons and showed tremendous qualities, but he had no luck winning the machine. At the same time, he was not used to praising other competitors.

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“It’s not about supporting Max. I just think he deserves it. Like I said, that’s just my opinion and everyone has a different opinion, but I think it took Red Bull to a whole different level,” The Spaniard, who allegedly has nothing to advise the title candidate, explained.

“Both are well-groomed, assertive, fast, professional and unmistakable. They both drive to the extreme and are very interesting to watch” Dodal Fernando Alonso.