December 9, 2021

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Accompanied Shelina PAOK from the Champions League. Young people have one last obstacle

21.10.2021 10:39

Football players from Zilina in the U-19 category made their way to the second round of the tournament branch of the 2021/2022 Youth Champions League, eliminating Greek Pawke Thessaloniki in the first round.

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Youth Champions League: MŠK ilina advances after another great performance

After the opponent’s smooth victory with a ratio of 5: 1, coach Ivan Bilac also beat the Greeks at home, scoring the victory 2: 0 under the leadership of Dobby through goals by Henry Addo and Timotej Gambor. On the way to the playoff match for junior LM there is another obstacle for the Zilina people – Kagrat Almaty from Kazakhstan. Shoshoni will welcome this discount on Wednesday, November 3rd, replying in Kazakhstan on Agenda 24.11.

“Today’s victory was not born quite easily. The opponent was better prepared for us, which we also expected. They were able to knock out long balls to defend and get straight, thanks to that we scored more goals in Greece. But I think the players wanted to go to win, even though they They “scored” from the first duel, which makes me very happy. The coach Reverend Bilak assessed revenge in Jilina.

He added on the official website of MŠK: “During the half we said what didn’t work for us, and it has improved so far. We took a couple of chances that were created, which is important both for us and for the audience. The euphoria and joy of progressing is always better after the win and the second. So far we weren’t interested. With Kajrat at all and we haven’t solved another opponent, now there will be room for that and I think we’ll get enough material about them to not go into the unknown. Against PAOK again. Like a double match with PAOK.”

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For Zilina’s winger, Henry Ade, who scored the winning goal in the second half, it was only the second match in Zilina’s 19th colors. “It is very exciting for me – the first game in front of the home fans, we won, which means going forward and I also scored a goal. So I am very happy. I was nervous, but I still wanted to show myself in the best possible light. Today we played against a really good opponent. ‘He’s been so poised and hard-working for so long,’ Bauke credited Kazachum,” According to the club’s official website, from below.

For example, Sparta Prague of the Czech Republic, 1. FC Kolín of Germany or Norway’s Rosenborg Trondheim did not pass through the first round of the LM Youth Championship branch.