January 21, 2022

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About Slovakia 2021 – Peter Sagan today – Overall results

Today 14:39

Slovakian cyclist Peter Sagan became the overall winner for the 65th year of the international race around Slovakia. He retained the general standings leader’s yellow jersey in the final fourth stage on Sunday, in which he finished second. Itamar Einhorn of Israel (the emerging nation of Israel) won the line from Trenčiansky Tbilisi to Trnava, and the third was Dutchman Ces Paul (DSM).

16:35 Updated with results and audio

You can watch the final fourth stage of the race around Slovakia online at ŠPORT.sk >>

31-year-old Bora Hanzruhe’s driver beat German defender Yannick Stemle (Deceuninck-QuickStep), who finished third in the overall standings by 17 seconds. Although Sagan did not claim success in one stage, in addition to the yellow, he also won the green jersey as the winner of the scoring competition.

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And on Sunday, a 159.2 km flat road with three speeds and three mountain installments was waiting for the peloton. At first, several groups tried to separate, but before the second mountaineering installment in Trenčianske Mitice (0.5 km, 6.4%) the peloton was buried. Racers Bora-Hansgrohe and Astana-Premier Tech set the pace for him.

The escape was created after 50 km and 25 competitors entered it. Sagan was also in it with three teammates Maciej Bodnar, Danielle Ussum and Frederic Wandal, of Deceuninck-QuickStep only Steimle was in. Sagan took advantage of the situation and won the speed bonus at Topoľčany, thanks to which he scored an additional three seconds and increased his lead in the overall standings.

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After the last mountain award, it was clear that the jersey for best climber would be won by Andrea Garrosio (Bardiani-CSF-Faisan), who also became the most combative rider in the entire race. The peloton had already lost 30 km before the tape for the leading group for seven minutes. Alexei Lucenko (Astana-Premier Tech) and Idar Andersen (Uno-X Pro Cycling) attacked him, but they didn’t manage to create an advantage.

In the final round, Steimle needed to defend the overall championship, win and hope Sagan would finish third at best. However, the Slovak national team guarded their biggest opponent and Steimle finished only fourth.

Lukáš Kubiš was second in the overall standings of local competitors. Before the final stage, he was 15th by 20secs, but on Sunday he didn’t get away with it, so he fell to the last 31st. “An event like this with such a competition is a great experience for me. However, I am very disappointed that he could have been 10th overall, but today’s stage really changed everything and not just me, but many competitors.

I really miss him a little. It wasn’t even intense, but it was blowing hard right from the start, which caused some groups to leave constantly. About 50 km on this small hill, a competitor for Mazowsze team Serce Polski left a pit and left a group of 25 members and reached the finish line. Every team had someone there, so no one wanted to move. It was set up in five minutes,” He said.

Fourth stage results (Trenčianske Teplice – Trnava, 159.2 km):

1. Itamar Einhorn (Izr. / Israel Start-Up Nation) 3:27:40 h,

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2. Peter Sagan (SR/Pura Hansgrohe),

3. Sis Paul (Hol./DSM),

4. Jannik Steimle (Nem./Deceuninck-QuickStep),

5. Kaden Groves (@Aus./BikeExchange),

6. Fabio Villen (Tal./Astana-Premier Tech),

7. Alexander Konev (Tal./BikeExchange).

Andreas Stockbro (Dán. / Qhubeka NextHash),

9. Alexey Losenko (Kaz./Astana-Premier Tech),

10 – Jakub Katzmarek (Poland / Mazuzzi Cerse Polski) at the same time,

30. Lukasz Kubic +9: 03,

31. Tobias VANČO (both SR / Dukla Banská Bystrica),

33. Matúš ŠTOČEK (SR / Topforex-ATT Investments),

37. Erik BAŠKA (SR / Bora-Hansgrohe) at the same time

Final Ranking:

1. P. SAGAN 15:51:00 h,

2. Steimle +11s,

3. Bol +17,

4. Roger Adria (Šp. / Kern Pharma Team) +22,

5. Idar Andersen (NOR / Uno-X Pro Cycling) +24,

6. Kasper Pedersen (Dán. / DSM) +26,

7. Maciej Bodnar (POL / Bora-Hansgrohe) +27,

8. Lusenko at the same time,

9. Villen +30,

10. Niklas Merkel (Nem./DSM) at the same time,

31. KUBIŠ +9: 33,

34. Stick +9: 34,

45. Marek Shaneki (SR / Dukla Banská Bystrica) +9: 38

70. Juraj SAGAN (SR / Bora-Hansgrohe) +14: 26

Scoring competition: 1. SAGAN 58, 2. Alvaro Jose Hodeg (Kol./Deceuninck-QuickStep) 34, 3. Steimle 32

mountain climbing competition 1. Andrea Garrosio (Tal./Bardiani-CSF-Faizane) 37, 2. Adria 16, 3. Tomasz Budzinski (Poľ. / Mazovia, Heart of Poland) 13

Best U23 Rider: Idar Andersen (NOR / Uno-X Pro Cycling)

Best Slovak: s. Sagan

The most combative contestant in the theater: Daniel Oss (Tal./Bora-Hansgrohe)

The most combative rider in the race: jarosio

best team: DSM