January 28, 2022

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A young talent of Czech businessmen comes to us, attacks the antikinetics and saves Kmutrik

A young talent of Czech businessmen comes to us, attacks the antikinetics and saves Kmutrik

Electricity prices are breaking records before the last financial crisis, which does not satisfy anyone except the energy companies. More importantly, the prices of a number of production inputs are also high, as demand rises after an epidemic shock, but logistics flows continue to slow.

However, last week also brought many positive news in the local corporate world. Summarized by Evan Halloza in 2200 words, What is the 10 minutes of reading.

1. The young Czech shoe company Vasky Václav Stanánek is already moving to Partizansky to produce sneakers

Young Czech Václav Staněk is only 23 years old, but five years ago he started building a new handmade Vasky leather shoe product in Zlín, Czech Republic. It employed 80 people last year and generated 4 million euros in sales.

Now the young businessman is moving to Slovakia with his company. At Partizansky, Vasci actually sewed the uppers of some of his shoes. Now, however, a new production of sneakers will be launched there with the 40 largest employees, and in the future it may also bring the increasingly popular barefoot shoes, that is, more stylish sneakers, to the city.

Bata helps. Stannock explains that young startups can gain a foothold not only in the technology sector, but also in traditional industries. He himself bases his marketing largely on the tradition of the famous Czech shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata. Both in Zlin and Partizansky, there were production bases of the Bata family.

In addition, Staňek owns two other companies in the traditional business. In India, the manufacturer of leather bags owns Bagind, and in the Czech Republic the manufacturer of wooden furniture Wuders. Sales of these two companies will reach four million euros this year, and Vasci is likely to move to six million euros this year.

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More on the young entrepreneur: The pavilion was originally intended for athletics, and also started its business from profits less than victories in the 800-meter races.

Already in the Czech Republic, he was awarded the title of EY “Entrepreneur of the Year 2019”. The Czech magazine Forbes again included him in its prestigious rating of the most successful young entrepreneurs from 30 to 30 years old.

Vaclav Stanok – Photos – instagram VS

2. The left will not shake the Japanese left, but for south-central Slovakia, the expansion of two investors from China and the United States strengthens

Japanese auto plastic parts manufacturer Levice leaves after only four years of operation kasai, who originally came here to see Jaguar Land Rover’s British automaker Nitra. How do published Marchesa TV, all 260 factory employees lose their jobs there.

On the contrary, at present, south-central Slovakia has learned two better news:

  • In Veľký Krtíš, the local manufacturer of roof moldings and aluminum for car windows, Fysam Auto Decorative Slovakia, wants to launch new products, which will accommodate 170 people. Last year, this Slovak daughter of Chinese society Fuyao For small orders for cars, on the contrary, it reduced the number of employees from the current 100 to the 60. After the start of new production with a total of 7.4 million euros, a total of 230 people for the Chinese will work in Krtíš.
  • American car seat manufacturer I was convicted It also wants to hire more than 190 additional employees for its shooting engineering production of metallic components for headrests, which it had already rolled out in the halls of former tile manufacturer Novoker.
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What does this mean for both regions of Slovakia: The left’s loss to the Japanese investor does not shake the left. After the turn of the millennium, the city built one of the most successful industrial complexes in the country. Many powerful companies have big factories there. The British company GSK produces toothpastes there, the Scandinavian Kluita sweets, and the German auto contractor ZF produces toothpaste there.

For the southern part of central Slovakia, new investments by both Chinese and Americans totaling 400 new jobs, on the other hand, are a big boost. Unlike the west of the country, this region still suffers from a labor shortage.

More on the topic: A Chinese investor in Veľký Krtíš has been fired due to a pandemic. He will now accept more people

The world’s largest car seat manufacturer wants to hire another two hundred people in Lučenec

American Adient’s Slovak Fleet

  • One of the largest subcontractors in the Slovak automobile industry
  • A total of 3200 employees
  • 140,000 car seats per year

Martin, Zelina, Lucinek – Factories that produce car seats themselves.

Bratislava Shared Financial Services Center.

Trenchin – Technological center for the development of new car seats, which is the largest technological center of the Slovak automobile industry with more than half a thousand specialists.

3. Anti-stuffing has already begun to attack businesses, but you don’t have to worry about losing to bakeries

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