October 21, 2021

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A young conveyor disappears with 8 million euros, he is loved all over Europe

German police want Yasimin Kundokan. (Bremen Police Photo)

Yasmeen Kundogan, 28, is being actively sought not only by German police but throughout Europe. The young woman, an employee of a money conveyor company in Bremen (Germany), flew on May 21 with less than 8 million euros.

She had her bags full as she left. For about a month and a half, German security forces wanted Yasimin Kundokan. Prior to her disappearance, the 28-year-old worked for a money conveyors company in Bremen. Worked wrapping banknotes in boxes towards vending machines. An activity that gave him some ideas …

On May 21, Yasmeen Kundokan packed less than eight million euros in safety bags, which she usually throws into a rolling bin. She covered the whole thing with a lot of rubbish. The rest of the project was carried out: a young German-Turkish woman in Berlin with a rented Mercedes van and fitted with stolen license plates Picture. She loaded the money into the vehicle and then disappeared.

The 28-year-old used a rental Mercedes van fitted with fake license plates. (Bremen Police Photo)

CCTV cameras have not yet been able to prevent theft or locate the party involved. German police believe the suspect may have fled the country. Its warning has been issued to 26 European countries that have adopted the Schengen Information System (SIS). The file contains photos and fingerprints of particularly reported individuals.

One suspect has already been arrested by investigators, the German daily reports. But for now, there is no trace of the alleged thief or those few million euros.

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