April 17, 2021

A year after announcing their plans to secede from the Royals, Harry and Megan are in trouble UK News

This time last year we got some very unexpected news – Harry and Megan announced that they wanted to retire from royal life.

What a year it was. The couple moved from the UK to Canada and then to California, where they began to alienate themselves from the royal family.

The infection thwarted Harry and Megan’s plans Charity Foundation Archive From the ground.

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex attended an event in London last March. Image: Samir Hussain / WireImage

But we looked at the website now and will hear more about the foundation in the coming months.

Let’s also look at how their new work partnership works Content on Spotify And on the way to Netflix.

However, there may still be obstacles for the couple to deal with this year.

David Lespers, who advises the rich, including some in Silicon Valley, told Sky News Prince Harry His immigration status must be remedied within the next nine months.

He said: “There are some relief provided by the IRS to people who are effectively trapped in the United States (because COVID-19), But this is something I know, I hope he and his advisers have been turning their minds to over the past year, and something he has to deal with before the clock type is over, it will be after this summer. “

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Listen to the trailer for the new Harry and Megan podcast

Worked with PR expert Nick Ed Megan In London, before meeting Harry, he said more needs to be done to stabilize the Sussex brand if the couple is to continue to succeed.

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Mr Ed said: “They’re becoming a global company. They’ve got podcasts, they’ve got a Netflix deal, they have warts and all the autobiography, and it’s an interesting journey.”

But he added: “I think this time around Meghan and Harry are catching almost what straw is. [their brand is] – Is it political, is it women’s rights?

“You have to remember that two years ago Megan was a Hollywood actress in a B-soap and a member of the Harry Royal family.

“But he’s not a political activist … he’s not a human rights activist. So, I hope you get the credibility that your lines deserve, so they’re going to do it before they do too much.”

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‘Happy … New … Year’: Archie’s first message

There is one thing that continues to connect the couple with the UK – the legal battles they are waging with the press.

Brief judgment hearing for Megan’s case Sunday Mail Scheduled for January 19th.

In March, it was 12 months since they left the UK.

The Queen said there would be a study on how it happens.

Will we find out how both parties feel about the New Testament?

In the past, I would have said it was not possible.

But by 2020 these divisions are so common that Sussex are not afraid to tell us how they feel.