October 21, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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A video of a teenager on TikTok has interrupted thousands of scientific papers. Revealed how to make money from them

Viral videos on the Internet can be a blessing, but it is also a curse at the same time. This is exactly the problem of the scientific research exchange platform. The week’s video caused a large number of people to participate in surveys, causing biased results and disrupting thousands of scientific studies.

Sarah Franklin, a Florida High School graduate, posted a video on TikTok about how to make money from surveys on sites like Prolific.co, informs the portal IFL Science.

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The video was widely shared and caused a large number of people to subscribe to Prolific. However, TikTok’s teen audience may not be representative and not a representative sample, which is critical for surveys based on a mix of people of different ages and life situations.

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The company’s data showed that before the video was shared, participants were fairly representative as they are factored into the population. In the days when the video started going viral, researchers from the platform suddenly discovered that 90% of the survey participants were women with an average age of 21.

They fixed the error

Although biases regarding gender and age are not valid, when conducting representative surveys, scientists need a representative sample to be included. This means that if 90% of the population is in fact aged 21 by age 21, the survey will be relevant.

according to the edge As many as 4,600 studies are highly disrupted. However, the survey company decided to correct the situation and allow dates of birth to be determined or to use a representative data scanner.