January 22, 2022

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A unique watermill vacation with its own wellness. The spacious accommodation in Liptov will please everyone

The ancient water mill is a Nirvana design. a point. Here, with a description of this accommodation, by the way in Slovakia, we can finish in peace. But since we enjoy writing about unique places to stay in Slovakia and would like to read them according to statistics, we will continue.

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As long as you have plenty of time to walk around this whole building and discover all the nooks and crannies, I think the whole day will pass. If we do not take into account the huge hotel resorts, I have not yet seen such a paranoid residence.

But if we want to describe it old mill One sentence or phrase, then it is luxury life in industrial design style. But let’s break down this statement entirely.

Photo: Airbnb

Perfect for larger groups

Why do we think the old water mill is a good place to hang out and skate for large groups or family celebrations? It is incredible that it can accommodate up to 13 guests. It has 6 bedrooms with 11 beds and 5.5 bathrooms.

What’s the best thing about these numbers? The price for this luxury accommodation could be equal to the sum of any better hotel anywhere in Slovakia with higher numbers.

However, the number of bedrooms, beds or bathrooms is not the only amazing and amazing feature of this residence. There is much more. Especially visual.

Residence windmill
Photo: Airbnb

Huge social space

The social spaces are perhaps the most impressive of the old mill. Being huge and spacious, it becomes the perfect setting for various board games for the whole family, group of friends or colleagues.

The large seating area and ease of movement throughout the space ensures that the group members will definitely not gather. However, the single rooms with en suite bathrooms are equally spacious.

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If you thought the old mill was for larger groups of visitors, this intricate detail is very useful. As silly and trivial as this may sound, it will save you a lot of time and nerves in the bathroom or toilet room.

Residence windmill
Photo: Airbnb

Beautiful industrial design

All design lovers will surely appreciate the harmonious industrial design in all its beauty. Huge massive beams on the ceilings, black metal fittings, wood floors and stone tiles are what make this space so special.

The interaction of these elements is not missing in any accommodation. It is present in both public and private places. In the living room, single rooms, but also on the outside of the property.

The owner of the old mill must be a real enthusiast of this type of interior design. Or it was the designer himself who elevated this property into a luxurious, comfortable, paranoid country house in the lap of nature.

housing mill bed
Photo: Airbnb

Luxurious luxury furniture

Are you a fan of the aforementioned luxury and comfort all in one? The old water mill is fitted with beautiful furniture from Soho Home, Atkin and Thyme. If you know these brands, then you know that quality, exclusivity and the combination of modernity and history are among their main characteristics.

In each individual space, be it a common room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, you can feel the balance between the individual design elements. Part of this accommodation, of course, is a fully equipped kitchen, in which every skilled and unusual gourmet can go. Like the rest of the space, beautiful and luxurious.

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Accommodation of the stairs of an old water mill
Photo: Airbnb

Natural materials are the dominant feature of housing

The main interior element, as usual, is solid wood. They stand out on furniture and walls and in the form of beams on high ceilings. However, there are also small accessories such as hangers, barn doors, or ski racks.

However, wood is not the only natural element. We can observe stone tiles not only in the outer parts of the old mill, but also in the interior itself. They form a beautiful and modern fireplace lining and are also inconspicuously located on the walls. All stone details blend harmoniously with the rest of the design.

But what adds to the feeling of luxury and living on the highest level are the leather accessories. And not only on the sofa, but also in the form of various skins placed on sitting areas, chairs, beds or as carpets on the floor. But it is so simple that it might not bother any animal lover.

Wooden beds old water mill residence
Photo: Airbnb

There is no shortage of wellness in the factory

We are gradually raising the bar. Proof of this is the fact that the old water mill had one more thing – wellness. It includes a steam room or bathtub and an outdoor hot tub. You will logically pay extra for these spa benefits, but you will definitely not regret it.

However, classic wellness is not the only joy of rest and relaxation. The mill features luxurious bathrooms with large furniture. And not only this. One of them also has an elegant copper bathtub, where you will feel like you are in a wellness sky.

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old water mill housing copper basin
Photo: Airbnb

art in detail

This holistic feeling in the positive sense of the word is complemented by the art on the walls. Every painting lover will appreciate this piece of thoughtful design in an expressive and luxurious setting.

Another special element is the subtleties. A lamp in the shape of tree branches, retro faucets on the faucets in the bathroom or nice sitting by the open fireplace in the open air. So maybe in all this attractive beauty you will not forget to discover the beauty of nature.

bathroom housing old water mill
Photo: Airbnb

Site caught vacationers – Liptov

That would be very unfortunate. It doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold, spring or fall, raining, snowing or a hot summer day. Liptov is one of the most beautiful regions in Slovakia. You can discover the charms of Slovakia’s greatest pride – the Tatras, ski on Magic Jasna or visit Mara Lake.

For example, the gem of Slovak folk culture Vulkolink is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Relax in the beautiful Demänovská Ice Cave. And you will have a lot of fun again in AquaPark Tatralandia.

Liptov is also a popular tourist area with many hiking trails. You can also experience plenty of adrenaline rush here. Or complete a number of educational and historical visits to museums, galleries, or galleries. Simply put, you will definitely not get bored in Liptov.

And what do you do after those tough experiences that you can really try on Liptov every day? Treat yourself to a relaxed look Luxurious and comfortable stay In an old water mill. Because this offer simply cannot be refused.

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