January 21, 2022

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A two-year struggle over the origin of the Corona virus: a biologist claims to know it, according to her, China has kept everything a secret!

A two-year struggle over the origin of the Corona virus: a biologist claims to know it, according to her, China has kept everything a secret!

This is molecular biologist Alina Chanová from Canada, for daily Mail She said she believed the coronavirus had escaped from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, where the entire epidemic began before March 2020.

In her view, the escape from the Wuhan lab is the likely origin of the coronavirus epidemic, because she said Beijing was trying to cover it up.

He’s defending himself, that’s supposed to be proof

Chan is so convinced of her truth that she comes to these conclusions in front of the British Parliament. It is already clear that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan laboratory where it was allegedly developed. According to Chan, this version is confirmed by the fact that there was supposed to be an “urgent effort by China to hide the seriousness of this situation” from the first wave.

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They wanted to keep it a secret

Chan also said that the concealment of the initial epidemic in Wuhan two years ago by the Chinese Communist Party and attempts to sabotage the WHO’s investigation into the origin of the epidemic have now made the laboratory leak theory likely.

Lord Ridley, who also co-authored the book on the origin of the virus with Chan, said experts have yet to find an animal host that supports the natural origin of the coronavirus, despite two years of research. This is also to confirm their conclusion.

Those who know the truth are said to be silent for fear

“I think the in-and-out theory is more likely than the others. But in the current situation, it’s not safe for people who know the truth to speak up and speak out.” Chan thinks. “We live in a time when all the information collected will come to light. The world’s leading virologists have already leaned towards the theory and consider it correct, including those who modified the first SARS virus.” Chan added.

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A two-year struggle over the original

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Richard Horton, editor of the scientific journal The Lancet, was also present at the meeting with Chan. He explained the reason for allowing the publication of the article to deny the possibility of a virus escaping from the laboratory. The authors of the said article are also alleged to have indirect financial links with the Wuchan Institute of Virology (WIV). The Lancet team had to work with zoologist Peter Daszak.

mysterious animal world

He was even briefly a member of a team sent by the World Health Organization to investigate the origins of the epidemic in China. In the end, however, he had to leave him in order to establish relations with the WIV.

“We know that this coronavirus, covid-19, has unique features, and we are specifically talking about immediate cleavage sites, without this feature it would not be able to cause a pandemic,” Chan explains her claims.

Regarding Daszak, she noted that in 2018, a laboratory in Wuhan provided assistance in the artificial modification of the dangerous bat coronavirus. “This would correspond to the aforementioned unique feature of the virus. Imagine this when a scientist said in early 2018 that a horse with a horn appeared in Wuhan at the end of 2019, what do you think?” Chan asked.