December 9, 2021

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A tourist wanted to take a selfie with a bear in the Tatras: a fatal mistake, followed by an attack

A tourist wanted to take a selfie with a bear in the Tatras: a fatal mistake, followed by an attack

“The guy was very lucky. The injury is not very serious.” He added the TV referring to the doctor. The National Park Administration confirmed the incident, but without further comment so far. The station did not mention the nationality of the tourist, but it is clear from the context that he was polar.

A video that raised the tourist’s bear family in the national park: Kruta Dohra, I really regret it

They had to sew up his wound

“Around noon, a 72-year-old patient was brought to the hospital from the Chuchuzka Valley, bitten and scratched by a bear. Perhaps, at least according to the patient’s story, he wanted to take a picture of a dangerous animal.” Jerzy Tugic of the hospital in Zakopane told television. The patient had to sew up the wound, then left the hospital alone and in the doctors’ condition, in good condition.

Zdroj: Getty Images

What do you do when you encounter a bear?

At the moment, bears are intensively fed to obtain reserves of fat before hibernation, which is especially dangerous. In the event of an unexpected confrontation, it is better to move in the opposite direction calmly and peacefully, because in the event of an escape, the bear can consider the tourist as runaway prey. Don’t even climb trees, because the bear knows much better. A person should be especially vigilant if they encounter a bear, because there may be a bear in the area that is aggressive in defense of the cubs. Don’t feed the bears or leave food scraps or food containers behind that might interest them. And stay away from the bears to take pictures; A flash or lamplight can bother them, experts advise.

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