January 24, 2022

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A test suggests that Intel's best new model outperforms the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

A test suggests that Intel’s best new model outperforms the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Both processors are at the forefront of desktop offerings. Intel wins single-threaded and multi-threaded testing.

  • The Alder Lake generation could improve its position against the current Ryzens thanks to higher single-core performance.
  • Compared to Intel’s current desktop offering, the innovations will advance significantly, particularly in multi-threaded performance.
  • The first Alder Lake processors are expected to hit the market by the end of this year.

A new generation of desktop processors codenamed Alder Lake could bring Intel back to the peak performance that AMD took with its highly successful Ryzen chipset. at least and suggest New Geekbench Escape to Him pointed out Abisak via Twitter.

Successful hybrid?

The test was conducted on Windows 11. According to the publicly available database of the said benchmark, the Intel Core i9-12900K processor should achieve a score of 1893 points in single-core performance. He scored 17,299 points when all cores were extracted.

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Intel Core i9-12900K processor test score.

Source: Geekbench

Remember that the Core i9-12900K is designed to integrate eight powerful Golden Cove cores with support for HyperThreading, that is, two cores per thread. Eight other Gracemont energy-efficient cores have been added to these cores without a fiber multiplier support. Thus, this slide together presents 24 logical threads.

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Detected parameters of the tested chip.

Source: Geekbench

The core processor speed was supposed to be 3.2 GHz, but it is not clear which cores this data applies to. Boost clock app not detecting correctly. according to Leaks so far However, the maximum clock speed of the powerful cores of the Core i9-12900K is up to 5.3 GHz, while the power-saving cores stop at 3.9 GHz.

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Defeats the flagship of AMD

A few days ago, Intel bragged about it Its new architecture is expected to provide 19% higher performance per hour (IPC)This makes the new processors more competitive with AMD products.

The leaked results appear to fulfill these assumptions. AMD’s current flagship of the Ryzen range of desktop chips in the form of the 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 5950X model scored about 1,700 points in the same single-core performance test. The multi-core test for a 16-core Ryzen usually ends up with more than 16,800 points.

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Alder Lake processors will be manufactured using the Intel 7 process, which was originally called 10nm SuperFin Enhanced.

Source: Intel

Thus, the issue of single-core performance is especially dominated by Intel, when the difference in its favor reaches about 12%. The power of 16 full AMD cores corrects this feature in multithreading. However, we can see that even the weakest and most fuel-efficient cores of Alder Lake processors will not only be in numbers.

The competition brings news too

However, remember that AMD also offers Threadripper line processors for desktop computers, which integrate up to 64 cores and have much higher multi-threading performance. This year, their new generation, codenamed Chagall, is supposed to arrive, the main currency of which will be the current Zen 3 processor architecture, which also drives the current Ryzens 5000.

In addition, next year AMD will also present A new generation of Riesen bears the codename Raphael, which should also lead to a significant increase in IPC. But Intel really thinks about it He’s got an answer ready in the form of Raptor Lake chipsWhich will increase the number of energy-saving cores from 8 to 16.

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Intel wants to crush Apple and AMD. It is the successor to long-term infrastructure

Let’s add that the current 14nm Intel Rocket Lake desktop processors only integrate a maximum of 8 cores, so Alder Lake processors will significantly increase multi-core performance in particular. The current base model, the Core i9-11900K, scores about 1,800 to 1,900 on the single-core core and more than 12,000 on the multi-core test.

Intel is expected to officially announce the first Alder Lake processors for the desktop segment in late October. mobile variants The manufacturer may present it at CES 2022 in January.