December 7, 2021

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A strange case in ŠK Slovan Bratislava. Actors Vladimir Weiss and David Harnard

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Discipline in the first place. Creed of Vladimir Weiss Street. Since his arrival in Slovan Bratislava. However, in the case of David Harnar (23), it is very strict.

The right winger, who was also active in Slovan and on the edge of defense, and a member of the wider national team, dyed his hair white ahead of Sunday’s home game against Liptovsky Mikulas.

Trained according to the information ŠPORT.skWhich was confirmed by several sources from the club’s environment, during the team’s lunch before the meeting, he told the player that as long as he dyes his hair he will not start with his guidance.

Although Hrnčár was one of the substitutes, Weiss sent him to the stands after watching the warm-up, where he watched the duel. On Tuesday, after a day off, he completed training with the first team, but on Wednesday he did not appear in the nomination for the cup match against Slavia to Kosice and trained with the reserve.

Slovan started in the east with a strong lineup, in the occupied position of the right defender Hrnčár, midfielder Alen Mustafi appeared, who played one minute from mid-August.

Š The club also asked for David Hrnčár’s opinion. The player declined to comment on the situation, and Slovan sent in an opinion saying:

ŠK Slovan رأي opinion

“The issue of nominating players for the match, formation and substitution is entirely the responsibility of the first team coach. The coach has his own criteria on the basis of which he evaluates any player he nominates for the match and any player he does not nominate. It is his sovereign right, and no one from the club interferes or interferes with it.

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Anything that happens in the first-team players’ cabin is an internal matter of the club, respectively. cabin and we are not interested in commenting on internal matters or speculations.”

Opinion Š

Weiss regularly repeats in press conferences that he will be strict with the players and will remain strict. They represent the club not only through performances on the pitch, but hair coloring today and especially in the world of football cannot be seen as a display of disrespect for the brand and the interests of the club. It is very important. The Potter did not break discipline and shades of hair had nothing to do with performances.

Where are the limits and what is no longer a decent representation of the club? Miller also adorns the head of offensive captain Ezekiel Hente or former Rafael Rata (he ended up at the club for other reasons) and for the more conservative, the dreadlocks of Myenty Aben or the thick chin of Abraham Rabiot can be a problem. And we don’t count tattoos.

David Hrnčár has a reputation as a decent boy and hardworking footballer. He is smart and humble. He is the third generation of Hrnčárovs at Slovan, he knows more about the club’s connection than most of his teammates.

He is not the star of the league or the club. A coach can assess hair discoloration as an inappropriate whim. He has the right not to be sympathetic to this and to communicate with the player. But for this to be enough to exclude them from the nominations for the matches?

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The potter is not the first

History knows of many similar cases. Perhaps the most famous of them is Fernando Redondo, whose Argentine coach Daniel Passarella was not nominated for the 1998 World Cup. At that time, an important player in Real Madrid and the winner of the Champions League. It is to explain: “I was in good shape, but the coach had specific ideas about discipline. He asked me to cut my hair. I didn’t understand what that had to do with football. I refused and he didn’t recommend me.”

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer I showedThat even when the helmsman Moldy went with the scouts to monitor the potential reinforcement. When the player in question entered with a clear head, they left before the opening whistle.

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