December 7, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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A Spanish court has arrested 12 people who fled after an emergency landing

Spanish police are also working on a version that the group planned the event on Facebook.

Twelve detained passengers who escaped from a Moroccan airline on Friday after an emergency landing will remain in custody based on initial allegations of anti-state activity and coercion. Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Two of them also face allegations of facilitating illegal immigration. A court in Palma de Mallorca ordered 12 detainees to be held until the start of the trial.

A plane belonging to Air Arabia Maroc, bound for the Moroccan city of Casablanca to Istanbul, was forced to make an emergency landing at La Palma Airport, Mallorca, on Friday afternoon, due to health problems of a passenger.

According to El Mundo newspaper, a 23-year-old man fell into a diabetic coma. After landing, confusion prevailed and a group of about 20 young men escaped from the plane. Investigators said it may have been part of a plan to enter Spain illegally. Reuters wrote that police are also working on a version that the group planned the event on Facebook.

Examinations at the hospital showed that the young man was not actually suffering from a health problem. He was later arrested for facilitating illegal immigration. According to the Spanish daily El PaĆ­s, the man was arrested in Spain in 2020 for resisting and attacking a public official.

Authorities are still searching for the remaining 12 passengers. As a result of this event, the operation of La Palma Airport was suspended for three and a half hours on Friday.

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