January 21, 2022

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A really touching morning to ošová and Jurašek: they breathed a breath!

A really touching morning to ošová and Jurašek: they breathed a breath!

Right at the start of today’s Teleran, Lenka, Roman and the audience shared information that they are celebrating the 17th anniversary of their first joint broadcast today. “You see how time passes,” Juraško, who did not avoid, together with his colleague, noticed laughter when an archival picture appeared on the screens.

This is what Lenka Gusova and Roman Jurasco looked like at the start of their careers.

Source: TV Markíza

However, there was also a moment during the broadcast that let the veteran psychics out of breath. Colleagues prepared for them a successful story, which contained excerpts from previous years. And in fact, the spouses together found themselves in different interesting situations, so at one time they had a lot of memories.

“We just learned it at the time. It’s scary how time passes,” Roman responded with surprise. “I just learned about it at the time. Thank you all.” Lenka added, her eyes shining. And as ad bans and news followed, it could “hold your breath” again.

Šošová and Juraško are a temperate couple popular among onlookers. Therefore, pleasant comments from viewers began to appear on social networks. “I woke up with them in high school and I wake up with them all the time. With one of them every day,” Jurassic’s partner, Diana Hajirova, with whom she had a daughter Isabelka and son Tristanka, wrote on Instagram.

Lenka Šošová is married to producer Richard Riemann, and they have two sons, Richard and Ronald.

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