January 24, 2022

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A real blow to Megan!  This judgment of Britain has a clear message!

A real blow to Megan! This judgment of Britain has a clear message!

Famous British presenter Pierce Morgan, who knew Meghan personally before his relationship with Prince Harry, won the controversy over a complaint against the British Communications Service controller. This is a disgusting review of Megan and Harry’s speeches on the Oprah talk show, which left the show in March after Good Morning Britain. But now Morgan has won the war in his long-running dispute with Sussex. The portal writes that the media oversight authority has confirmed that Pierce has the right to express his views publicly. The sun.

The Duchess was the one who complained directly about Pierce’s attacks on her. The office later confirmed: “We accept the receipt of the complaint filed on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex.“Now the Media Oversight Commission has issued a verdict. “This interview has become a major international report that broadcasts ITV debates in the interest of legitimacy and the public interest, with moderators such as Mr Morgan examining the allegations in detail, including facts, time and possible motives. ”

Pierce’s performance on the Good Morning Britain show in March 2021 cost him a lucrative moderate position on ITV:

Following the verdict, Pierce Morgan took to Twitter. “I’m glad the office supported my right not to believe the claims of Oprah Winfrey’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex, many of which are false. Is this the greatest victory for freedom of speech and the greatest defeat for Princess Pinocchio? He writes provocatively and compares Meghan to a famous fairy tale character with a long nose for lying. Royal commentator Robert Jobson welcomed the decision “Victory of Public Knowledge and Freedom of Speech”, But Angela Levine, a journalist, writer and state cinema, also said “Awesome result of Ofcom”.

Pierce Morgan celebrates a major victory over Megan with a collection of newspaper headlines that the media supervisor ruled in his favor:

As soon as the talk show aired, Oprah Winfrey and Morgans told Sussex on the morning show on ITV: “I do not believe a word of her, Megan Markle. I will not believe the weather report if she reads it. It is disgusting that she spoke so aggressively against our royal family.” The next day after these comments, he announced that he would not be returning to the show after reports from his colleague Alex Perezport who criticized him for the repeated attacks on Megan. In addition, the regulator has received more complaints in the last ten years. The Commission said that the comments “Harm and Assault”, But ruled that GMB did not violate the broadcast code. “I do not believe Megan Markle is strong every day. To be clear, I still do not trust her.” Pierce said generally stubbornly and confidently.

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Source: Sun / topstar.sk