December 9, 2021

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A private account will also help you improve your billing: you can get it for free

A private account will also help you improve your billing: you can get it for free

Many self-employed people make a mistake and use a personal bank account in their trading. However, this day is not recommended. “If a self-employed person uses a private account for business, his or her own money will not be separated from the business,” The biggest drawback describes Branislav Abista, product manager at Tatra Banka. Therefore, it is clear that he advocates a special account dedicated solely to business-related income and expenses. Sees many benefits.

A private account will help you get a better idea

Do you want to know exactly what item was due, when you paid for materials or other needs for your business, for example? It can be used for a simpler overview of accounting items Business account from Tatra banka, for example, to avoid possible errors in tax expenditures. At the same time, the customer has the opportunity to more easily obtain financing for his business on the basis of a pre-approved loan or financial reserve, Branislav Abista says: In addition, it may take full account of any fees associated with the account or banking services provided.

Create through the app and within a few minutes

Creating an account is quick and simple. Tatra banka was the first to open a digital account in Slovakia and also won an award Global Finance SME Awards 2022 – Selected as the best SME bank in Slovakia. “The business account can also be opened from the comfort of your home or workplace via the Tatra banka mobile app. The customer can use it instantly to receive payments, can issue invoices and collect payments from his or her clients,” The expert continues. All you have to do is email a document proving work. How long will it all take? For a mobile customer 4 minutes, for a non-customer 14 minutes.

How much will you pay annually?

Today, every euro is staring at hard times. business account You can get it for free during the first 12 months of opening. In the following period, the rate of keeping the account remains at 0 euros if the amount of cash deposited in the account is not less than 500 euros.

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Source: Tatra Banka

Free 12-month billing program

A business account also provides easy connection to other applications, such as billing software. You are entitled to a 100% discount on your annual subscription. “The billing system allows you to automatically match invoices with account movements and enter payments online from the billing software environment.” expert says. It is free for 12 months with a trading account. The customer can also issue invoices, collect invoices with a payment card, send reminders and record costs, which facilitates the management of accounting documents.

You can also use the mobile payment terminal

An interesting feature is also the mobile payment terminal. “It is especially suitable for the self-employed and the self-employed who prefer a convenient and fast way to receive payments anytime, anywhere.” Branislav Abista explains. “The customer does not pay any monthly fees for using the application. He pays only for the services associated with accepting payment cards,” Add.

In order to make the service for self-employed people truly comprehensive, Tatra Banka has also prepared a series of interviews with good advice for them entitled: “SZČO?” “At the start of a business, these are topics about how to start a business, what are the rights and obligations when starting a business. It is also important how to find customers, ensure the quality of service and how much services are requested.” An expert describes the Tatra Banka.

Open a business account in Tatra banka

Do you want to deal with a new account that separates your own money? NS Business account from Tatra banka In addition, you get an unlimited number of automated transactions and other benefits.

This includes the possibility of obtaining a financial reserve of 1,500 euros in the form of a digital credit card, a mobile payment terminal, financial leasing of new and used cars for free up to 35,000 euros from Tatra Leasing, preferential promotion of your business on in the amount of 100 euros or the creation of a free website thanks to cooperating partners .

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Source: Tatra Banka

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