January 22, 2022

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A new type of omicron virus is already dominating in Vienna

A new type of omicron virus is already dominating in Vienna

The number of people hospitalized in the country continues to decline.

Vienna. new Omicron alternative Corona Virus It has been spreading among infectious cases since Sunday, as confirmed by tests conducted in Vienna.

The report was published by the daily “Der Standard”, and the Austrian capital’s administration confirmed this information in the afternoon.

“We assumed that Omicron would prevail over the Christmas holidays. That is what has happened now,” said Peter Hacker, a spokesman for the city councilor responsible for the health sector.

A week ago, the quota was still a third

On Sunday, 552 new active cases of oomicron infection were recorded in Vienna, which is just over half of the total.

According to the city, their share of contagious cases a week ago is still about 30 percent.

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The city administration believes there are in fact more such cases, as data is also reported during holidays with a two-day delay.

In Vienna, they also assume that although there are no official figures, the omicron variant is already prevalent throughout Austria.

According to the Der Standard, developments in its spread may mean that the country has already reached the bottom of the infection curve and the first signs of the expected fifth wave of the epidemic may appear before the end of the year.

Hospitals in the country are declining

On Sunday, they recorded a total of 1,717 new cases of the disease in Austria, which is also linked to the much lower number of tests over the Christmas holidays. The seven-day incidence rate decreased to 166.9 cases per 100,000 population.

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However, in Vienna and in the state of Burgenland, this indicator rose slightly again, according to Der Standard.

At the same time, the number of people receiving treatment in the country is decreasing. On Sunday, there were 823 patients infected with the virus in “normal” beds in Austrian hospitals, which in 1946 is less than November 30, and 383 in intensive care units, that is, 287 patients at the height of the fourth wave about three weeks ago.