January 21, 2022

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A new discovery for scientists: our Earth is shrinking. what is the reason?

Our Earth is constantly exchanging matter with the space around it. Some materials from Earth go into space, while others come to us. Eventually, the Earth loses its mass, that is, it contracts.

Guillaume Gronov, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, tried to answer the question of why our planet is gradually shrinking. “We don’t know the exact mass of Earth, but new research has allowed us to find out if our planet is losing or gaining mass,” Gronov said.

According to him, our planet – or, more precisely, its atmosphere – is shrinking due to gases volatile in space, he says. Live Science.

However, new research estimates that 16,500 tons of material reaches Earth, along with space rocks each year, mostly due to the total weight of meteorites.

Using satellite data, the scientists estimated the amount of gas leaking from the atmosphere. According to research, the Earth loses 82,700 tons of material annually, most of which are gases.

We are losing more stuff

If we consider the amount of material that reaches the ground and the amount of leaves, then our land is in negative numbers.

The Earth loses about 66,100 tons of weight annually. As the lead researcher added, it might seem like a large number, but it’s very small in the context of the entire planet.

Using estimates, Gronov calculated that with an average loss of 60,000 tons of atmosphere per year, the gradual loss of atmosphere would last up to 5 billion years.

It is possible that the earth was no longer habitable after that. It is estimated that in about 5 billion years, the Sun will turn into a red giant and expand to such an extent that it will engulf our planet, so escaping the atmosphere would not be a problem in this context.

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