January 29, 2022

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A new building will be built in the industrial area of ​​Kosice, and the investor sees potential in eastern Slovakia

A new building will be built in the industrial area of ​​Kosice, and the investor sees potential in eastern Slovakia

They plan to build a new building in the industrial zone of Kosice for approximately 17 million euros. The building has an area of ​​about 20,000 square metres, and will be constructed by Accolade and Panattoni.

“The industrial complex in Kosice is our first major investment in Slovakia. Kosice has great potential not only because of its privileged geographical location, forming a natural link between Western and Central Europe with Russia and Ukraine by rail and road, but also due to the fact that it is the second largest city of Where is the population of Slovakia, Accolade president Milan Kratina said.

Strategically useful city

Panatoni Park Kosice Airport has a practical geographic location due to its access to good transport links and its proximity to markets such as Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. In addition to the nearby entrance to the European route from Vienna, Austria to Rostov-on-Don, Russia, it is located directly at Kosice International Airport.

The city is of strategic interest from the point of view of qualified workers, as it houses three universities and has a population of a quarter of a million. It also offers the possibility of cooperation with universities in the field of light industry.

Accolade Holding provides the infrastructure for doing business in Europe. Most often for tenants of world brands in the field of e-commerce, manufacturing and logistics. It owns a network of 39 industrial zones in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

The company employs hundreds of people

Over the course of nearly ten years, the company has created a portfolio of 2.5 million square meters of commercial real estate worth 1.7 billion euros.

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Panattoni Development Company is a private development company with 33 branches in North America and Europe and more than 400 employees.

Since starting operations in Central Europe in 2005, the company has completed a total of more than 12 million square meters of industrial space in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It offers industrial warehouses and office space.