December 9, 2021

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A mysterious barrier prevents cosmic rays from entering the heart of our galaxy

The center of our galaxy is a strange and wild place. It can be said that it is a kind of particle accelerator, due to the supermassive black hole that is there. However, scientists recently discovered another mysterious phenomenon, a strange barrier that prevents cosmic rays from penetrating a large cloud of particles in the center of the Milky Way, the portal wrote. Science alert.

The region of the galactic center is still a mystery to scientists. There is at least a partial idea of ​​what is there, but looking directly at the center is impossible due to the dense cloud of dust. However, the galactic center is believed to be an important source of cosmic rays – protons and atomic nuclei, that travel through space.

Cosmic rays arise when protons and nuclei separate from electrons and are accelerated to relativistic velocities. The separation of electrons from protons and the nuclei of atoms occurs due to strong magnetic fields. The center of our galaxy is a region where we can find many things that can create a strong magnetic field. These are the remnants of supernovae, pulsars, and The largest is, of course, the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*.

According to observations and models, cosmic rays should be evenly distributed along the Milky Way. For astronomers to study cosmic rays, they must first find them. Cosmic rays are very active, which means that they Astronomers can detect it relatively easily, even in the galactic core.

Cosmic rays also affect the interstellar medium, Gas and dust in the interstellar space. Scientists have focused on cosmic rays located at the center of our galaxy. Their discovery brought really interesting results.

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Barrier in the heart of the galaxy

It turns out that The intensity of cosmic rays is lower in the central molecular cloud than outside it. This means that there is a barrier or unknown force preventing them from entering the central region. what could be Not yet known Scientists will try to find out in the following studies.

But they know molecular clouds are complex places. If the inner parts of the cloud collapse, there is a possibility of compressing magnetic fields, which will act as a barrier. Another possible cause is magneto-hydrodynamic turbulence.

In our solar system, cosmic rays are affected by the solar wind. It is possible that the “wind” plays a similar role in the center of the galaxy. If scientists take into account the galactic winds in the middle of the Milky Way, the results are starting to look a little closer than what the observations show. However, this barrier requires further studies.

Scientists say a 3D simulation will help to better understand the galactic nucleus. She can show them How cosmic rays occur in the Milky Way and propagate.

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