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A milkman was arrested in the UK and he almost gave milk

A milkman was arrested in the UK and he almost gave milk

11. 08. 2021 06:00 | BRITAIN / tvnoviny.sk

Their delivery and appearance are also questionable.

They stopped a milkman who was delivering milk quickly
Photo: Facebook / Aycliffe Today

A bizarre case Arrested Experience as a delivery driver delivering milk in the English city of Newton Ucliffe. He was detained by the police because he looked like a robber because he was delivering milk in a suspicious manner. The portal said they interrogated him for several hours novinky.cz.

The whole situation is said to have taken place as follows. The driver started his work at five in the morning on the day of his arrest and delivered milk at regular addresses. He was discovered by police while at a public store in Greenfield. Then they started following him.

The attentive driver phoned the boss and warned that the police would probably stop him, so let him count the delay. That’s how it happened. The police detained the man, interrogated him, asked him some questions and released him.

However, a few minutes later three police cars stopped his van and caused trouble. Police later dropped him off the car and arrested him. His words that he was the driver delivering the milk did not help. This fact was later confirmed by the owner of the milk supply company, Russ Gibson.

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Posted by Eclipse today Friday, March 29, 2019

Russ Bipson – Owner of a milk supply company. Source: Facebook / Aycliffe Today

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Police suspect the man was driving a van on the streets so early in the morning. The worst thing for the owner of the company is the material distribution of the investigation, so he has to translate the material from it and distribute it himself.

The situation was finally clarified and the driver was released around 7am. Aside from driving in advance, the man’s appearance is also questionable. He looked like a robber who stole a shop in the area the same day and left the place with a van. After the first stop of the vehicle the police did not like the driver’s responses and decided to stop him.

Guide However, after he pleaded not guilty and his employer intervened in the investigation, the charges were dropped.