January 29, 2022

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A low energy home with its own identity. How can it be so indistinctly unique?

The most important moment in the projects of most existing family homes is the connection of the interior to the exterior, that is, the garden or the surrounding nature. This was the basis for the allocation of the design of the new building at Lhotka in Prague. The owners also wanted their house not to stand out from the surrounding buildings and not to create a spatial conflict.

The investors wanted their new home to have its own identity in addition to these key requirements. The house was supposed to be unique in an inconspicuous way. The result is a white, four-unit building that complements the street line. Individual blocks are broken down by function and size
Approach the buildings in the area.

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From the street, you can see two dominant two-storey blocks of height connected into one unit. Together they make up a square floor plan. In one of these articles
There is a garage at the second entrance to the house. The building is expressed by the traditional physical solution and the interesting geometric division of the facades.

From the street, you can see two dominant two-storey blocks of height connected into one unit. Source: BoysPlayNice

What awaits you inside?

You enter from the hallway or from the garage the corridor that divides the house into two parts. Behind the service part facing the street there is a study overlooking the green spaces. The far part of the street towards the garden created a pleasant space for a kitchen with direct connection to the balcony and a winter garden with swimming pool. The living room is located in the northwest part of the house and is visually connected to the kitchen and dining room. The wooden built-in building in the middle of the design acts as a corridor
and dining room.

Large white kitchen with coffered ceiling

The living room is visually connected to the kitchen and dining room. Source: BoysPlayNice

Upstairs is peace and privacy

On the second floor, in the part above the living room, there is a master bedroom with private bathroom and wardrobe, facing the garden. In addition, there are three rooms for children. It has a shared bathroom and a wardrobe. The basement of the building is also interestingly designed – it is dominated by a common room complemented by other service areas.

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Reinforced concrete, brick and wood

We were interested in how to design this broken and functionally organized house in terms of construction. “Floors and ceilings are made of monolithic reinforced concrete, and the perimeter and interior walls are made of sand-lime brick. The corridor and dining room are covered with a structure made of glued timber trusses. The whole building is designed with a low energy level. The floor is heated by a heat pump with a gas boiler, Which covers peak hours and thus allows the heat pump to be used in the optimum mode.

wooden wall with clouds plant

The interior is not lacking in interesting greenery. Source: BoysPlayNice

Radiant cooling built into the ceiling. Air exchange is enabled by a pressure-controlled ventilation system with highly efficient passive heat recovery,” Project authors explain Štefan Šulek [SOA architekti]Jaroslav Richter [Richter Design]. The ventilation intensity is controlled automatically. In the summer, this system cools the rooms at night, allowing the house to sleep well during the hot summer.

Modern living room with large round lamp

Living room. Source: BoysPlayNice

sons of architecture

We cannot be surprised that the result is good. We cannot be surprised by the quality result. The architectural studio SOA Architects, founded in 2015 by Štefan Šulek, Ondřej Píhrt and Ondřej Laciga, is based on three basic elements: beauty, respect and responsibility. So the customer is always a member of the team. And what does SOA mean? It is an acronym for “sons of architecture” – that is, “sons of architecture”.

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Cozy family home in Dubnis with a pleasant indoor climate

Family House Lhotka

Architectural studio: SOA Architects

Authors: Štefan Šulek [SOA architekti]Jaroslav Richter [Richter Design]

Co-authors: tepán Tomš, Filip Rašek

Location: Lhotka, Prague 4, Czech Republic

Project: 2015 – 2018

Implementation: 2020

Built up area: 189 m²

Total area: 365 square meters

Usable area: 344 m²

Land area: 800m2

statistics Science: Martin Stransky

garden engineer: DVA Atelier

Construction company: form construction

Embedded internal manufacturer: sikula

Sabina Zavarska
Source: www.linka.news
Photo: children