January 16, 2022

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A huge asteroid hit Earth yesterday

The huge asteroid, which NASA considers to be potentially dangerous, passed around the Earth at a very high speed yesterday. Asteroid AJ193 2016 circled the Earth at 58,000 miles per hour. It is hard to imagine such a high speed; This equates to traveling about 16 miles per second.

NASA estimate The asteroid is about 4,800 feet wide, about four times the width of the Empire State Building. An asteroid passes through the solar system every six years in its orbit around the sun. Scientists are examining it in detail using its proximity to Earth in this orbit.

Astronomers observed the asteroid using radar, a technology similar to that used for tracking storms on Earth. 2016 AJ193 is a middle-class Apollo asteroid. NASA claims it is similar in size to a Pentagon. At its closest approach to Earth, it traveled 3,427,445 km.

It could be said that it was far from our planet, but on an astronomical scale, it’s a close flyby. The asteroid has an elliptical orbit around the Sun and is 0.60 AU from the Sun at its closest and 5.93 AU at its farthest orbit. The astronomical unit (AU) is the distance the Earth orbits from the sun.

The close encounter that occurred yesterday was one of the two approaches that were to come in the near future. 2016 AJ193 will make its next near-Earth transit point on August 19, 2080, when it will be 6,999,373 kilometers from Earth. In this orbit, it will slow down to 21.713 km/s from its current speed of 26,169 km/s.

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