October 23, 2021

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A great security feature is available for almost all Android smartphones: why does it have to be active?

For the safety of smartphones At the moment, the focus is not only on the owners of the models, but also on their manufacturers and developers of operating systems. He also extends his hand to work a company google browserWhich will make Android smartphones more secure than before. Known function of Android 11, which was not yet available for older smartphones. part of Google Play ServicesWhich protects data and smartphones from various applications must be according to the portal androidcentral.com I’m available For smartphones running Android 6 Marshmallow and above.

Apps give up their permissions

When installing applications either from Play Store or outside Sometimes we give apps too excessive permissions. The weather forecast app does not need access to the microphone, and the music player does not have full access to your gallery. Often, however, applications Without these unnecessary permissions, they won’t even allow basic functions to run, which allows us to choose whether or not to use the app.

However, in the Android 11 OS version, a . file was released Unused apps automatically lose access to these permissions after 39 days of no use. Apps can’t access your files, microphone, camera, or location when you haven’t used them for more than 39 days. Sleep apps have no right to collect data about you.

This feature will soon be available on older smartphones

Immediately Android 6 Marshmallow is supposed to be a frontier version of the systemRunning on a compatible version of Google Play Services. Smartphones running on this version of Android and above They will also get the job Automatically remove permissions from apps we no longer use. We are sure that we agree to this move by Google because Many smartphone owners are still working on older versions of Android.

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Not that these users don’t want to update their smartphones, that’s not all. However, Android 11 is still not available for many smartphones and Many owners use older versions. With this move, Google reveals that it also cares about older models and does not force smartphone owners with security functions to buy a new smartphone. Anyway, newer is better. So if you have the opportunity to update your smartphone to the new version of Android, be sure not to put it off. Although Google cares about old versions, they are always newer Safer.

Will you enjoy this feature on your smartphone? And you already have it on your Android 11 device Or are you still working on something older? Share with us in the comments!

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