October 21, 2021

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A fire broke out in the Cape de Cruz Nature Park and 350 people were evacuated

Authorities say its perimeter is “unstable” and it is not yet under control. A Fire Cape de Cruz destroys nature park on Saturday
Catalonia (Spain), which has already affected at least 400 hectares of vegetation and led to the eviction of several hundred people. The disaster struck Friday morning in the town of Lania, about 20 kilometers from the French border
Firefighters. It already affects the forests of many municipalities of the nature park, which is the most touristy Mediterranean part of the Iberian Peninsula.

The fire was caused by the negligence of a motorist who threw Cigarette butt“This is a slander,” Catalan Interior Minister John Ignaci Elena told the media after a meeting with regional firefighters on Saturday. “We are going through a very difficult summer with favorable weather for the fire,” said John Ignaci Elena, who called on citizens to be “careful” and noted that French aid had been called for rescue.

The camp residents were displaced

More than 200 Catalan firefighters are currently trying to deal with the blaze with the air support of several helicopters and bombers. Of the 350 evicted, there are residents of several neighboring municipalities and hundreds of residents in local camps, some of whom have been relocated to sports centers in the area.

Due to the hot and dry climate, Spain, Is the second largest tourist destination in the world before
International spread, Is regularly invaded by large wildfires in the summer, which, according to experts, occur frequently and become violent due to global warming.