January 27, 2022

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A drunken Zeman spokesman was taken to hospital by ambulance.  I admit I'm so sorry

A drunken Zeman spokesman was taken to hospital by ambulance. I admit I’m so sorry

“It was about 3:00 on Friday. I can confirm that the police officers set out for Dělnická Street in Holešovice in Prague, where a man was in a taxi and refused to leave the car,” Richard Hrdina, a spokesman for the Prague Police, told iDNES.cz.

He also indicated that after arriving at the scene, the police discovered that the man was under the influence of heavy alcohol. “And then the summoned emergency department took him to the hospital for examination. He was a man in 1979,” A police spokesman added. Thus the year of birth corresponds to Jiri Oveczyk, who was born on January 13, 1979.

Shepherd admitted to CNN Prima NEWS and described the incident. “I’ve been through a period of great stress in the last weeks and months. The president was in the hospital, there were various tragic circumstances surrounding the formation of the government, and it was a very difficult period that I may not have experienced in my life.” Ovčáček captured.

The situation then led to an event on Friday morning. “We simply learned about it at the time. I am so sorry that I certainly disappointed a lot of people, including my loved ones and co-workers. I could have hurt the president too.” I continue. Milos Zeman himself was the speaker “Very polite.”

“I will not argue anything, it was something extraordinary that will not happen again, and I would like to ask everyone for forgiveness. This is very important, I am sorry.” Ovčáček added.

Prague ambulance spokeswoman Jana Poshtova also confirmed the iDNES.cz entry. “The rescue crew on Delnica Street intervened with a 42-year-old man with the help of the police. The man was drunk, he was taken with the help of the police. Then the master took us to the Central Military Hospital for emergencies with drunkenness and a minor injury or a scratch to the head,” Post said.

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The iDNES.cz editorial board has also contacted spokesperson Jerry Ovchak if he can confirm the whole thing. However, he has not yet responded to the SMS.

According to information from aktu.cz, he should have inhaled about two for every mile of alcohol in his breath. They were taken to Ovčáček Hospital after he took a taxi to Holešovíce on Dělnícka Street and found the driver at the finish line that the speaker had not responded to his call to get out of the taxi.

When he got up in the car, according to eyewitnesses, he cursed them rudely and wanted to attack them in an ambulance. According to the taxi driver, the sponsor owes 350 kroner for the ride.