November 30, 2021

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A drunken Peter Sagan was supposed to hit a policeman. He also knew his punishment

Yesterday 11:44

Slovak cyclist Peter Sagan was supposed to injure a police officer under the influence of alcohol, was taken into custody and a curfew violated. The accident was scheduled to occur at the end of April this year.

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The information was provided by the French media, which is also referred to by a specialized portal It happened exactly on April 25, 2021, when a police patrol had to stop the car half an hour after midnight. He is claimed to be a three-time world champion in road cycling in the car Peter Sagan and his brother who was driving his car. In addition, the star cyclist was under the influence of alcohol.

As the French mediator writes, beautiful morningSagan “killed like crazy” when the police tried to arrest him. He even had to injure a member during arrest. According to Sagan’s lawyers, their client was only afraid of “forcing him to vaccinate.”

According to other information, Peter Sagan could not remember anything after spending several hours in the dungeon and apologized for everything. A court in Monaco fined 31-year-old Selena 5,000 euros for violating a curfew imposed at the time due to the outbreak of the raging Corona virus pandemic, and sent him another 100 euros, in addition to 1,500 euros in court fees.

Peter Sagan is currently preparing for the Vuelta San Juan in Argentina, where he will make his debut in the French TotalEenergies team colors.

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