January 21, 2022

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A conflict between Mayor Matos Val and prominent chef Andrea Inna!

A conflict between Mayor Matos Val and prominent chef Andrea Inna!

“The gastronomy sector has been severely affected by the epidemic and I look forward to any quality establishment that is open today, despite all the obstacles. But even these establishments cannot break the rules. I am very sorry that direct contact with” they have raised their business above the public function of this truly rare and protected area In the heart of Bratislava, ” Vallo wrote on social media.

The land on which they do business, as well as Mountain Park itself, belongs to the city. “This is one of the reasons we removed the fence that separated Mountain Park from the area around the building in 2020, so we could make this city land available to the public. Today, the fence is back. It was installed by the building owner. Fencing off city land without city approval is illegal. Simply acceptable.”

It does not start or end with a fence

this year added In the building, back on municipal land, A superstructure in which the restaurant now operates. we doubt this The superstructure does not have the necessary permits a So it could be a black building.

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Exhausts from the process are directed to neighboring homes, but also directly to Mountain Park. The city received a complaint from the residents about the noise, produced by this technique. Measurement carry the noise we made, She confirmed that the noise from the ventilation openings far exceeds the permissible standards.

“It also bothers me that, in addition to not following the basic rules for operating a restaurant, the developer probably intends to build a larger apartment house here, on the edge of Mountain Park. The fact is that only recently, after the current owner bought the building, 10 apartments in the former office and restaurant property, And it is just a step towards a significant expansion and change of non-residential space into a residential building. May 2021. But the fact that someone may have tried in silence to prepare for the construction of another apartment building on this sensitive site, which according to the zoning plan does not allow residential construction, casts doubt on the true intentions of the developer.

When someone planting a fence on a foreign land to use as his own, owner Earth according to vala He should have the logical right to remove it immediately. “But it is not that simple and even when grievances are corrected, the city must comply with the law. We will do everything in our power to protect Mountain Park and city lands, which should be accessible to all residents. Already in the so-called apartments, I have repeatedly declared that we will not tolerate the use of loopholes. Legal to circumvent zoning plan and building procedures.”

According to Val, they contacted the company that uses the complex for commercial purposes and tried to properly resolve the situation, unfortunately, without success. “So we are taking steps in the relevant courts to prevent the building from being used without a permit. We will also prevent anyone from using city land for their business without having a legal right to do so. We are also filing a complaint against the building Office and Cleanliness – Public Health Office to inspect the construction and the extremely noisy ventilation that disturb the residents and visitors of the park.”

How did the restaurant operator get into the building?

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This building was built by the so-called Socialist Youth Union (SZM) in the 80s of the last century. Later, according to Val, his legal successor sold it to a private company that sold it to its current owner. The building’s previous owner used to get a land contract in the past, but in recent years he’s used these city plots without a contract. “This is one of the reasons why the city is still suing him with ‘usage fees’. Likewise, the new operator does not have a contract for city land. We are currently taking the necessary legal action, including in the appropriate courts.”

What is the goal of Matos Val?

“We want to protect Mountain Park. We want to follow the rules and no one is above the law. This piece of green from Bratislava belongs to all residents and it is our duty to ensure that it is used meaningfully.” According to Val, the problem is not that the restaurant wants to use the park on city land, but rather that they already have the relevant contracts and permits to do so. The area cannot be fenced so that this area remains part of Mountain Park.


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