January 29, 2022

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85% of entrepreneurs do not consider aid to fight epidemics sufficient

85% of entrepreneurs do not consider aid to fight epidemics sufficient

Bratislava, Dec 31 (TASR) – Nearly 85% of entrepreneurs do not rate government assistance during the pandemic as adequate. Only less than 12% of respondents were able to cover this year’s losses thanks to state aid. This follows surveys conducted by the Slovak Business Alliance (PAS) among a hundred entrepreneurs at the end of the year. The survey was conducted with the financial support of the Foundation of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

The biggest problems complicating the business in 2021 were closings of operations (35%), low turnover (32%) and shortages of staff or materials (both 26%). Less than 17% of companies said they had no problems.

More than half of the entrepreneurs believe that the government is unable to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, they criticize the transfer of state tasks to employers (staff testing, prosecutor’s office controls), their financing, incomprehensible and constantly changing regulations, insufficient assistance and non-inclusion of certain sectors in assistance plans (eg suppliers of the equipment sector) .

However, entrepreneurs appreciate the many laws or measures adopted by the government in 2021. The best assessment was the adoption of an amendment to the Commercial Licensing Act (35%) from the workshop of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, which reduced the size of the administrative burden.

Furthermore, direct support in the event of lost sales (33%), payment of part of the rent (23%) or deferred payment of taxes and fees (20%) was evaluated favorably. Financial assistance can reach beneficiaries faster than only 28% of respondents indicated in a timely manner, 34% believed otherwise and 38% were unable to judge.

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Mandatory FFP2 indoor respirators (30%), OTP monitoring for employees (25%) and enforcement of electronic limits (23%) are considered by entrepreneurs as the best government measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccination lots and vaccination premiums for seniors ended up on the other side of the scale (both 4.5%). Instead of “bribery”, entrepreneurs recommend, for example, reimbursement of part of the cost of treatment of unvaccinated patients (except for those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons) or compulsory vaccination of the population (74%). According to the survey participants, the government should leave the fight against the epidemic to experts.

Most entrepreneurs do not rate 2021 positively. 16.4% rated it negative, 27.9% negative, 19.7% neutral, 23% somewhat positive, 13.1% very positive.