January 22, 2022

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54% of companies will pay year-end bonuses and 15% will cancel them

54% of companies will pay year-end bonuses and 15% will cancel them

Bratislava, November 29 (TASR) – 54% of companies in Slovakia will pay year-end bonuses this year. Of those, 31% will be the same as in the past, while 23% will reduce it due to the negative effects of the pandemic on business compared to last year. On the contrary, it was canceled by 15% of employers, especially in the HORECA sector. This comes after a survey conducted by Datank for ČSOB.

The survey also showed that as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, 8% of employers have cut wages across the board, while 11% of companies have raised wages across the board. Bonuses can be expected in 17% of small businesses, 48% of medium-sized businesses, and 64% of large businesses. The largest share of companies that will pay year-end bonuses are in manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Businessmen working in the field of accommodation and catering services are close to canceling bonuses. Compared to last year, 39% of respondents have canceled this year. This is confirmed by the fact that this is one of the sectors most affected by the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the necessary preventive measures to slow its spread.

As part of the survey, employers were asked if they had changed the wages of their employees as a result of the pandemic. On average, three out of four participants, representing 72%, said they had not yet made adjustments, either up or down. Each decimal firm increased wages across the board, with the larger firms increasing in frequency slightly.

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