April 17, 2021

4 in Delhi test positive for England Govt-19 strain – Delhi News

Four people in Delhi were diagnosed with the New England variant of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Wednesday. All four are being held in separate rooms in a special ward at Lok Nayak Hospital.

None of them showed any signs of Govt-19 and remained stable, officials said.

“The virus sequencing of eight people admitted to the hospital has been done; four have been diagnosed with the UK variant,” said a senior doctor at the hospital.

The hospital has so far admitted 35 people to the special ward appointed to isolate patients affected by the new variant of the virus. Of these, 20 have returned from the UK and the other 15 have been in contact with them.

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The 2,000-bed Lok Nayak Hospital has been appointed as a nodal center for isolating individuals suspected of having a new variant of the virus – after contacting returnees who returned from the UK from November 25 to December 21 or those who tested positive.

The Indian government stopped flights from the UK from December 23 and checked on those who landed in India from the country two days earlier. The move comes as London and other parts of the UK are locked up due to the rapidly spreading mutation of the SARS-Cowie-2 virus.

There are 23 mutations in the UK variant, one of which is in the receptor binding field of the spike protein that the virus uses to enter the human body. The new variant is considered to be 70% more contagious than the previous one. However, a large number of physicians and scientists are missing people with serious illness or death due to the new variant.

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