January 16, 2022

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3 rooms in one: discover how to decorate your living room cheaply and elegantly

Divide but merge at the same time

The biggest challenge in furnishing a small living room, which is also used as a dining room, study or children’s playroom, is to create boundaries between the individual zones. “It is good to divide the room into several sectors, but at the same time it is necessary to combine them into a harmonious whole,” Janka from IKEA says.

Zoning the area is especially important so that more people can work in the room at the same time and not interfere with each other. However, individual parts of the living room should be connected to each other so that the room does not look too cluttered. For example, mutually identical color combinations of furniture can take care of this. A two-sided library, for example from, is also ideal for this purpose KALLAX shelves. Thanks to him, you will get, for example, your own working corner, in which you will not be disturbed by playing children or other family members.

The sofa is the basis of every living room

If you have a smaller sitting room, you must be very careful when choosing a seat. This is because it can dramatically change the character of a space. Here are some tips from IKEA interior designers that are worth sticking to:

  • Choose the most practical seat Storage space. You will playfully be able to put various things in it, which would unnecessarily take up space and make a mess.
  • Interesting solution corner seats. They have a very good ability to visually divide the space into zones, which is what we need in this case.
  • Do you want to provide a comfortable overnight stay for your visitors? Choose sofa bed.
  • They are a great choice Seats with removable cover. You can wash it easily, or you can change it for another at any time, and if this happens to you, you will breathe “new life” into the seat.
  • Our advice is FRIHETEN corner bench (329 euros). It is simple, foldable and also conceals storage space.

Source: IKEA

From old to new

You won’t do much with a reclining sofa, but you can freshen up a wooden table or chairs, for example, says interior designer Janka of IKEA. Just sand them a little and give them a fresh coat. This approach is ecological and at the same time saves you money. When choosing a color, you do not have to limit the presentation in the store, but you can choose the shade according to your ideas. In a similar way, you can renew other still functional pieces of furniture or, for example, frames for pictures and paintings.

Looks like the table and chairs

Source: IKEA

Think about storage space

When choosing furniture, it is necessary to think about making the most of the minimum. Replace large, cumbersome dressers with modern chests of drawers with a slim design, but plenty of storage space, or an entire wall shelving system. Footrest with hidden storage, for example, practical VIMLE (IKEA, €150). For children as well as adults, it is convenient to use a cabinet or a table on wheels, which you can easily move in a place that suits you.

Footstool with storage space

Source: IKEA

Be careful with the accessories

You can enliven the seat with accent pillows, and walls with colorful ornaments or paintings. But beware not to overdo it. As the saying goes, it hurts a lot. In this case, too many accessories can make the living room seem visually less. And you probably don’t want to. You can use mainly the walls – paintings, photographs or posters in frames on the wall will not take up any space, but they will complement the room well. You can get various frames from IKEA.

In smaller spaces, choose

Source: IKEA

Lighting creates an atmosphere in the room

Don’t forget about proper lighting, too. Combine ceiling lamps with floor lamps or table lamps, ensuring optimal local lighting for important places. The trend is lamps with variable illumination, thanks to which you can create the perfect evening atmosphere exactly in accordance with your mood. FYXNÄS table lamp (€ 14.99) With cover design makes every space private even when not lit.

FYXNÄS table lamp (14.99.00)

Source: IKEA

Living room according to your ideas

With modern and sustainable solutions for IKEA furniture and accessories, furnishing small spaces is easy. All you have to do is play with a selection of individual pieces or simply use pre-made combinations. You no longer have to borrow so expensive that your living room is unrecognizable. You can now convert your entire home for a few hundred euros. So, would you do that too?

KALLAX Multifunction Part (59.90.001)

Source: IKEA

ADVERTISEMENTS: Prepared in cooperation with IKEA.

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